We're So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

Captain Braca walks quickly along beside Aeryn: "There's nothing that I can do to help. Even the enhanced Marauder wouldn't get you clear. The Scarrans are on full alert, weapons primed...you'll never get out of here." She abruptly breaks off from him with a "see you later," and he's confused. "Where are you going? That's a medical area." She nods, saying simply that she has something to take care of. "Personal problem?" Yeah. He gets official, because he's Braca: "Let's go." She just stares him down: "You need to watch?" He tells a guard to wait for her, and walks off; she goes into the medical bay. Four people: the Commandant and the Captain; the Assassin and the Astronaut. Connected by blood and sex and power and violence. And Aeryn's headed into the med bay, even as Grayza's baring herself before John, who will ignore her. And Braca will go on thinking he frelled Grayza, and pining for the one person who's closer to Aeryn and John both than anyone else. It's all quite dreadful to contemplate.

"All that astonishing wormhole knowledge and still you will not share it with us," Grayza hisses. "You came in here big and bold, dancing on tabletops. And look at you now, begging for scraps." John clarifies: "I may be jammed. Possibly dead. But I am not begging. You can get that fantasy out of your head." He turns his head and looks at her, but he can't hold the glance. His face is...there's hurt there. More than you might have thought. "In my hands, you can have peace. I can have peace!" Points off for word choice, since he immediately and poisonously seizes on it: "I have been in your hands. There's no peace there. Just power." It's as close as he'll get to admitting what happened, what she took. Girls and boys deal with things in different ways: no bi-curious escapades with spider people (besides the Scorpius thing), no time-traveling redemption. Just this: in the end Grayza did not benefit, and he's worked it out for himself. By saving the unsaveable, by rescuing the princess, by swallowing Scorpius's darkness and seeing it in himself, by teaching himself manhood again, he got Winona back.

"You are so self-righteous! I have used all my skills, all my resources, for one perfect chance at peace." It's one thing to call her a whore for the heppel oil; that I respect. But she betrays herself if she thinks that what she did to John was equal in its purity and pragmatism. In this second she says she'll never be more. "And because of you, it is gone. And I am..." She bites her lip. "Frelled? Screwed?" He finally looks at her, full of rage. "Raped?" She takes a breath and raises her head, unable to face his indictment. "Welcome to the Universe, Commandant." John stands up and walks out. Resolution, with all Scorpius's dictionary différance intact: the violation's off the table. If we see her again, it'll be brought low. You lose the fear and you take back that power -- and you have to figure this out for yourself, it's different every time -- and the universe changes around you. Fat Man's now dispensable, and that's the point of the trilogy, because this show curls up around itself like DNA.

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