We're So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

Jenek enters the Emperor's chambers with a Kalish male. "About Crichton's bomb. In under a quarter of an arn, we will have computed the final code." The Kalish hands the Emperor a device and Staleek holds it up: "Satisfactory."

Sikozu walks down the corridor to the elevator again, with her Kalish bioloid buddy. He informs her that the codes have been changed due to the riots. "What can be done?" Sikozu and the Resistance Kalish pretend to be loitering administratively as a Charrid soldier exits the elevator and stalks on. "There's a master keychip that overrides all codes," the helpful robot offers. "It'll run the elevator, and give you complete access to the system's schematics." That's an amazing little thing right there. Especially since we've never heard of it. "Can you get it?" she asks, and sighs when he says it'll be really hard. "And if I get caught?" Sikozu completes the thought: it would expose the entire Kalish underground. "Just tell me this: will it help defeat the Scarrans?" She nods, meaning it. "Yes. Yes, it will." He leaves, and she watches him go. In her element she is just about the best thing ever. I wish there were more bioloids. The Kalish underground is like the only good thing in the entire U.T.

John has the bomb in his hands, and he's written "Hi There" on one side. Aeryn asks what he's thinking. "I think Lady MacBeth is gonna find a way to screw us, but Staleek is probably way ahead of her." Aeryn hums, nodding. "Which leaves us with Plan..." Aeryn completes the thought: "E." He smiles at her and they say it together: "E for elevator!" Not only cute, but also verrry romantic, considering the whole Sesame Street thing from back on Earth. His plan, his language, his alphabet: her more. And it's not a one-way street either, so there's no weirdness. I love this show so much. "Mm hmm. And I'm gonna tap dance for the Emperor." She cautions him that Staleek's not an idiot, and John nods. "But he can't do jack to me as long as this bomb's ticking." John and Aeryn look at each other, and the bomb slowly winds down and stops ticking. Lovely. Commercial.

John and Aeryn hurry down a Katratzi corridor, useless bomb in hand. "You can't reactivate the bomb in any way?" He almost grins. "Not in any useful manner." Chiana comms in asking what the hell they're supposed to do; D'Argo tells him Lo'La's diagnostic will take at least another hour. Rygel and Noranti comm in to say that they're going to get caught way before that. "Sparky, where are ya?" Rygel tells him there are Charrids everywhere. "Can't go anywhere at this point," Noranti says. John just tells them to get to the elevator if they can. Noranti asks Rygel where the elevator is; Staleek asks Ahkna where Crichton is. This is like Doctor Who with the running around like Benny Hill all of a sudden. Like Ahkna might be wearing a bikini suddenly. She says he won't get far: "The station is sealed." Staleek tells her that might just end up being her epitaph.

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