Won't Get Fooled Again

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Virtual Insanity

Cut to Crichton, still screaming, back on the exam table again. He's lost his sweat jacket and even his hair looks damp with sweat now. There's a soldier standing guard against the wall, and Crais, still in his cop uniform, stands by the table holding a white Cairn Terrier under his arm. The camera swings around as Crichton finishes, "--UFFF!" "Stouf"? Well, I think he was finishing up "Enough!" there. Or maybe he's shouting "Stauf" because he's been playing The Seventh Guest somehow. He opens his eyes, and Crais immediately starts lecturing him about how much trouble he's in. He waggles a piece of paper threateningly as he goes over the charges against Crichton: "Assault on a police officer. Theft of police property. Illegal possession of a firearm. Five counts of attempted murder. That comes to twenty-nine dollars and forty cents." He presents the paper to Crichton and asks, "Cash, check, or credit card?" Crichton reaches up to take the ticket, and discovers that his left arm is handcuffed to the table. Oh, and we can also see that Crais is wearing a name tag that reads, "Gordon." Crais puts the ticket into Crichton's cuffed hand, and then looks down at the dog and says, "Toto." His delivery makes up for the fact that I think we got it already. Crais exits, and his little dog, too, flicking the lights off as he leaves. Crichton looks over the ticket and says, "This thing is going completely off the rails. Or maybe I have."

Whoosh, and suddenly Scorpius is looming over Crichton. He says, "Not yet you haven't. But there's a danger you will." Crichton laughs fakely and asks if Scorpius brought keys for the cuffs. Scorpius says that he's not responsible for what's happening. He pulls a pointer out of nothingness and gestures to a lightboard covered with x-rays. "It's a Scarran," he says, and points to where the image of a Scarran head has suddenly been illuminated. "He captured you on the commerce planet." Crichton wearily asks why a Scarran would want to capture him. Scorpius says that the Scarrans know that Scorpius is interested in Crichton, and they want to know why. He says, "This is their standard method of interrogation. Induced delusions to break down all mental defenses." Wow, that's so evil that you can almost forget how terribly inefficient it sounds. Scorpius moves back over to Crichton and explains, "The Scarrans aren't trying to fool you, John. They're trying to break you. This is a deliberate attempt to drive you into insanity and it's working. Your mind is about to crack. And I cannot allow that. I was here first." Eep.

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