Won't Get Fooled Again

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Virtual Insanity

DK and Pa chase Crichton through the parking deck, asking why he's trying to get the project killed. Crichton turns and giggles, "The guy's a two-foot green slug on a golf cart!" Pa sternly asks, "What does a man's disability have to do with anything?" Ha! Give it up for Kent McCord. Though he probably has a high tolerance for the surreal, considering the episode of Adam-12 I saw with the giant pumpkin. A little red maintenance vehicle zooms up, with Rygel shouting at them from the passenger seat. Pa urges his son to apologize. Crichton says, "Let's kiss and make up!" He leans into the cab and plants a long kiss on Rygel. Dude, Rygel is getting a lot of action in this set of episodes. Then Crichton grabs Rygel by the leg and carries him off. While a dangling Rygel sputters, "Are you deranged?" Crichton climbs up a flight of stairs and offers to show them all what happened on the Farscape. He stops on a landing several stories up, and swings Logan around like he's giving him airplane rides. Aw, lookit the little puppet arms flailing around! Crichton shouts, "There's an electromagnetic wave! Son, you have to abort!" as he dangles Rygel over the edge. Then both he and Rygel shout, "Noooo!" and Crichton lets go. Rygel says, "Cricht-aaaaaaaaah!" and plummets. Nothing at all on the puppet! I respect that they took the time to green-screen the falling puppet in, so he doesn't tumble like a stuffed prop would. Crichton turns to face Pa and DK, who look a tad put out. Crichton gurmbles, "What?! It ain't real. They made you up out of my memories. It's just annoying that you're acting exactly the way I thought you would act!" He tells them to go away.

We're back at the Lynch Tribute Bar. Crichton stares up at a spinning disco bar, which doesn't really fit with the jazz band. He pulls at a beer and then strolls across the room finally discovering that D'Argo and Aeryn are sitting in a booth with someone else. Someone else with short gray hair and, more tellingly, gray skin, though she's tried to hide it under a long-sleeved shirt. Crichton takes a seat, and Aeryn introduces Chiana, who is nuzzling her neck. Chiana's name here is "Jessica." Crichton smirks, "Oh, my God. Everybody's finally here." Chiana confirms that he's an astronaut, and purrs, "I like astronauts." He asks if she's an astronaut groupie, and when she says yes, he says, "That so works for me." Crichton asks if she'd like to go on a drive with him. At which point we see Scorpius sitting in the next booth, so he and Crichton are back to back. Scorpius insists, "No, John. We must speak." Without turning around, Crichton asks if anyone else sees "the freak," and points behind him. Apparently nobody does. "Then let's go for a drive!"

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