Won't Get Fooled Again

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Virtual Insanity

Crichton walks across what I guess is the IASA tarmac, and passes a cop. Who is also Crais. Crais asks if Crichton has a problem, and Crichton sighs, "If it is isn't the good Captain." Crais retorts, "Would I be patrolling a beat if I'd made Captain? Hell, I'm still bucking to transfer to plainclothes." Then Crais identifies Crichton as a famous astronaut, which is probably the most fantastic part of the episode. I mean, how many astronauts can you recognize? Still dazed from his encounter with Ma, Crichton isn't in the mood for autographs, and sighs that he doesn't know who he is. Crais figures he's drunk. Crichton quietly asks Crais to leave him alone, but Crais is having none of that. As he starts to grab Crichton, Crichton whirls and punches Crais, knocking him onto the hood of his patrol car. Crichton climbs up over Crais and continues slugging him, shouting, "Leave! Me! Alone!" He grabs Crais's sidearm and takes aim for a second, then moves away as Crais, unconscious, slowly slides off the hood.

Logan/Rygel's office. Rygel, Zhaan, DK, Pa, and Aeryn are posed around the desk as Crichton enters. He's sweatier than ever now, though beating up Crais probably made for a workout. Rygel, who seems to have survived his fall just fine, says that they were just discussing Crichton's future. Crichton turns his back to them and strolls around the office as he snaps, "I don't have a future, not in this reality." On one shelf he finds a framed photo of everyone posed around the desk, just as they were when he entered. Aeryn says that he's feverish as Crichton moves on to another photo of D'Argo sitting astride a shuttle. Zhaan says that he's risking "a full cognitive dislocation," as Crichton takes in a photo of a very happy Scorpius holding a gold record. He kisses his fingers and touches them to Scorpy's face. Crichton announces, "I'm about as cognitively dislocated as they get. But I am clear on one thing: Scorpy can either let me loose, or watch me go berserk." He toys with a U.S. flag in the window as Zhaan asks why he's obsessed with "this Scorpius person." Crichton says that they're either hallucinations or part of the scheme. "Either way, it doesn't really matter what I do." He pulls out Crais's gun and quickly shoots at Pa. Pa doesn't react, and we hear glass break. The photo of Scorpius is punctured with a bullet hole. Pa looks down for a second and says, "I'm disappointed in you." Crichton, his eyes bloodshot, tries shooting DK, and the bullet smashes the frame of the group-shot. Rygel asks if they can continue their meeting, and Crichton shoots him. Nothing happens. Crichton's a slow learner sometimes. You'd think he'd have fun with this, but he's just getting more and more frustrated. The others start to discuss what they should order for lunch, and Crichton gives up on the people and starts treating the knickknacks on the wall like a shooting gallery. Finally he closes his eyes and screams, "STOOOOO--!"

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