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Morning at 505. We see Dominique lying in bed and she tells us that she feels like David's departure is the end of the world. She slept in his bed and cried because she wanted to say goodbye and didn't get the chance. Eduardo comes in with Cesar and kisses her to make her feel better.

She says that Calvin was really angry that she turned on him at the judging and bitched at her, whereupon she says she told him they'd have to talk about it later. Calvin interviews that he's upset she betrayed him. He feels left out and apparently has no idea why everyone would dislike him. He says that he stood up for them and they stabbed him in back. They, the other people... meaning NOT HIM, are mean spirited. Jesus.

A note is slid under the door. They are being summoned to Norfolk Street. Cindy tells us that she is happy that she has survived this far into the competition. Jeffrey drives with the assistance of a fancy GPS. They arrive at a beautiful cathedral. Iman is standing with the tiniest, most solemn boy child in tux. The cathedral is a popular site for weddings, as well as fashion shows. Their challenge is to create wedding looks and they will be competing as couples. Calvin interviews that he doesn't trust anyone, while everyone is really dying to work with him.

The sad small child walks up to designers with a black bag and they pull rings from bag - matching rings means you are on a team. Calvin chooses first and we hear how nobody wants to work with him. Dominique and Jeffrey are the first team matched. Cindy chooses the same ring as Calvin. "Why me?" she asks. That means that Cesar and Eduardo are a team.

Iman introduces the couples that they will be designing for and they are all same sex. Cindy is freaked out, though I believe she works and lives in Los Angeles. Maybe she doesn't get out much? The couples are wearing rings that match the rings that the designers are already wearing. The set of boys belong to Calvin and Cindy. Calvin is unhappy because they are big boys. The others each get a set of ladies. Jeffrey is psyched about his girls and tells one that he has same hair as her.

They have 30 minutes to sketch and Iman tells them not to disappoint the clients. Cindy doesn't know how to make menswear. Andrea and Johanna are Eduardo and Cesar's girls. Johanna says that, instead of white, she would like to wear mustard to her wedding. Cesar sees that Andrea is a dandy or, as Johanna labels her, a gay man in a woman's body. So, he's going to make her a kicky suit. Christina and Bridgette, Jeffrey and Dominique's couple, know exactly what they want. Paul and Eric are the big boys. Eric says he never thought he'd meet someone who'd mean as much to him as Paul does. Calvin, unfazed by their love, won't let them talk. Cindy says he's being rude and, wow -- so rude. Paul explains that black and white are not in used in Korean weddings, but Calvin says that he can go to Koreatown and get something there if he wants traditional.

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