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Cindy is worried about her jacket fitting Eric. Jeffrey thinks she's over-thinking it. She likes what Calvin made but is worried that it might offend Paul, because of it being such a departure from the traditional.

The couples come in for a fitting. Johanna is very happy with her mustard dress! Christina loves her linen dress too! Dominique wishes David were there to enjoy this, while we wish he were there for us to enjoy David. She says that everyone else is making costumes and she and Jeffrey are the only people making actual bridal clothes. To prove her point, Andrea tells Cesar that she wants paisley pants. He tries to steer her towards a stripe, but she's sticking with the paisley.

Cindy is happy and so is Eric. Calvin says the boys look like two pandas. Paul is worried that the kimono-style robe that Calvin has made is not Korean. Calvin screams some half-intelligible nonsense about not doing what he wants because he's not a seamstress from China. The boys say privately that Calvin has no class or style. Eduardo observes and says that Calvin's behavior is not surprising. This is true. Cindy is feeling a little confident and decides to take in the jacket. As she's sewing, she says she'll never forget this challenge.

Here we are at the day of the show. Uh oh, Cindy's jacket is too tight. Either she took it in too much or Eric went overboard at a cake testing. Calvin snaps to action and helps resew the jacket, which Cindy acknowledges as an extraordinary show of teamwork. They get Eric dressed just in the nick of time.

Johnny Weir and Rachel Zoe are the guest judges. Do we have to let him be a personality that we all listen to? Anyway, the show begins and Bridgette is out first. The suit is great, especially considering her figure is not the very easiest to work with -- meaning she has a figure. Jeffrey finds it very beachy and loves it. Christine comes out wearing Dominique's dress and looks simple yet nice. Dominique is very happy. The couple twirls at the end of the runway and it's very cute. Dominique and Jeffrey look on from backstage with ecstatic expressions on their faces.

Andrea comes out wearing Cesar's suit and I think she looks AWESOME. It's like a zoot suit mixed with Ralph Lauren. Love it. Eduardo's dress is great too. He's happy with Johanna's performance on the runway too. She gives it a lot of flare. Cesar says designers should never be safe. Well, he lived by that today.

Cindy is happy that Eric looks so pleased to wear her garment on the runway. That's very sweet to focus on that. The actual garment is a disaster. The kimono that Calvin made looks pretty cool. He thinks Paul looks handsome, though he didn't get what he wanted. Calvin has tears in his eyes or at least he says he does. Cindy says she sees no reason why there shouldn't be same sex marriage. What a relief.

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