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Afterwards, Isaac introduces the judges, including our guests. Isaac liked the effect of couples, which he thought made the mini-collections naturally cohesive. They will talk to couples, whose input will matter greatly in the judging. Rachel loves Dominique's dress as well as the suit. Johnny loves it too, but thinks there should be more wrinkles. That's stupid. Sorry, it's linen. My experience is that linen always kind of does what it wants. Isaac thinks the designs have no signature and could have been purchased in a store. Christine says that Dominique listened to her and what she wanted, but Iman says a good designer can show you what you didn't know you wanted.

Calvin tells the judges point blank that he shut Paul down during the consultation and Rachel likes that he spoke his mind. She does warn him against creating a bad reputation for himself. Paul says that he could be serving sushi in the outfit Calvin made for him, though he acknowledges that it's slimming. They hate Cindy's look, because it's a complete disaster. Rachel doesn't like that the jacket and pant fabric don't match, but I think maybe she was going for a tux look? At this point, it really doesn't matter because it's a complete train wreck.

They hate Cesar's look... which is stupid. That suit is the ridonkest. Rachel loves Eduardo's dress and the color. She says the shape is very salable as well. Johnny loves the flower on the dress and says he wants to rip it off and throw it on the ground and roll around on it. No one thinks he's clever for saying that. Isaac doesn't think it looks like a bridal gown and maybe he's right, but what to do?

It's time for the winner of the challenge to be revealed and it's... Dominique! She says to everyone in the room that she's ecstatic. Isaac says that Christine looking great in the dress was what put it over the top.

Now it's time for the losers. Jeffrey can stay. He's wearing a caftan? I didn't notice that earlier. Eduardo can stay. Iman says that Calvin acted like a bridezilla. Don't move. Iman says that Cesar shouldn't have let his client go with paisley but, he can stay. Cindy can't move either, which is really no surprise. It's also no surprise that Cindy is out of fashion. She interviews that she's sad to be walking away. Iman hugs her and tells her very close to her face to stay on her course and Cindy starts crying. It's always so sad to see people lose these things. Iman hugs her tighter and Cindy thanks her for being so nice to her. She says she imagined herself winning the competition and she carries garment bag down the street and says that she's going to keep shooting for her dreams.

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