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It's judging time for the losers. Iman says that this will be a hard choice. Isaac says they gasped at the clothes. I remember that. Eduardo describes his stuff. Simon doesn't think the hat dress is eccentric. Iman doesn't think it answers the challenge. They all think the ruffles were eating the dress. They liked the pants though. Isaac says he might be surprised to know that all of the stuff that he has made is very similar.

Dominique says that she had fun. Isaac says that it was brave and he adored her work, though the designs were flawed. Simon says that they are brave, but not cohesive together. Iman says that imperfections were obvious, but she loved the risk taking. She gets slammed for using cheap fabric. Laura thinks that she's brave and really has no other criticism. Isaac wanted to see more of the ribs of the bustle and thinks it's almost a visual joke.

Calvin says that he was worried about blending/disappearing. Isaac thinks he did the best job that he's done on the show, but didn't like the long ruffle dress. The cuff dress could be sold in Barney's, says Simon. Isaac says he's not fond of the shoe on the head, but Calvin says it was because he felt like people were stepping on him. The action figures in the other model's head were because people were attacking him.

It's the final countdown. Dominique was eccentric, but her execution was not good. Eduardo made great pants, but the other look was too much like his other stuff. Calvin's work was clumsy and overdone, though the cocktail dress was eccentric and accessible. Calvin...CAN STAY. Iman says he stepped up. Dominique rubs his back as he reels from shock. Eduardo tears up because you know that he knows he's going home. Dominique grabs Eduardo's arm as they wait for the verdict. Eduardo is going home. He's out of fashion. Dominique hugs him. He interviews that he was confused because he thought he should have made it to the finals. What a nice guy.

Jeff Long is writer/performer living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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