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The Ford Has Saved Him

Dominique shows her shorts look, but Gilles doesn't like the unfinished hem. Isaac does like it. Glenda likes the tailoring of the shorts with the flow of the big top. The dress and coat look comes forward. Iman doesn't like it, neither does Glenda. Isaac thinks she should be wearing some kind of shoe, because the length is perfect and you can't tell when the model is barefoot.

Calvin's camel coat girl comes forward. They think it's very modern. The pregnant dress comes forward. Isaac thinks it looks like cancer. Iman says it was like "what the hell's going on?" Glenda thinks it looks like an ad for pain medication. It's the writing room of Modern Family up in there. Calvin asks if Isaac hates it, and he says he doesn't care enough to hate it. Embarrassing.

There's some deliberation time, and the winner is the House of Nami. Damn, those Emerald kids never could catch a break, could they? Dominique is psyched that she won a Ford Edge! Calvin is happy that his concept won. Isaac says they won because the clothes were fresh and audacious. Calvin is going to the finale. What?

Jeffrey's on the block because of his white jacket look and Cesar for his jacket and dress. Iman tells them that, backstage they have 45 minutes to revise their weakest looks. Then, the final decision will be made. This is crazy and great.

They get to work and Stefan is there giving them time. They're still nice to each other, which is refreshing. They return to the runway with the revised looks. Cesar gets props for really changing his look. He made a new skirt. Jeffrey makes a nice plunging blouse with rolled-up sleeves. Isaac loves that part.

Iman says the choice is harder now. The judges write down their choices. Jeffrey gets the first vote. Jeffrey gets the second. Jeffrey gets the third too. Cesar seems sad and gets a hug from Isaac. Cesar doesn't think that he should be leaving. He'll be rooting for Dominique or Jeffrey in the finale, if you can guess what that means.

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