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Here we are at Le Parker Meridien, where the remaining designers are getting ready for the day. There's Johnny re-creating his soccer-mom-on-Oxycontin ponytail. Anna is applying some eye shadow. Daniella is spraying her hair and saying that Haven would love that it's so big. She interviews that this is the last challenge. It will all come down to one mistake or one advantage. Scary. Reco says that he is sorry to see Merlin go, but he really needs to win this competition. He needs a car and money to pay off loans. I hear ya, bud. James-Paul, who appears to be wearing a Kaballah bracelet, says that it sucks to be in the bottom, like he was last week. He says that he really needs to show the judges something special. Just try something pretty and humane, as opposed to your obsessive geometric creations. Really, JUST TRY. For the hell of it. Burn it later if you want, but for the love of Valentino...try. He cries in his interview, saying that fashion design is the only thing that he knows how to do. Bless his heart. Seriously. Still, I don't understand how he's so passionate about it when he seems to have no regard for the actual humans who would be wearing his creations.

Kelly and Isaac greet the designers at the workroom. Isaac points out that the group is very small now. Kelly adds that this challenge is what stands between a designer going home or showing their collection in the final fashion show. "No pressure," jokes Isaac. The designers look like they want to shoot him. Oh my God, did y'all know that James-Paul is the tiniest person EVER? He's a good four inches shorter than Daniella, who is the next shortest person. Tiny. [I guess with Lidia and Merlin gone, he's no longer in the shorty majority. - Zach]

It's time for the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge. Isaac says that it's the ultimate test. They will be draping, which Isaac says is how fabric relates to the body. He says that it's the most important part of design. His example is this strapless number on a mannequin beside him that he says was used with one piece of fabric and a few pins. Nice. He takes the pins out one at a time. Six pins. They will have two yards of silk charmeuse and 12 pins. Kelly introduces the editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar, Glenda Bailey. You can hear Johnny say "Oh my God" as she walks out. Also, Kelly introduces Isabel Toledo, who designed Michelle Obama's freaking awesome inauguration day ensemble. I loved that. Reco freaks when he sees Isabel. He's excited that "fashion industry greats" are going to be judging his work. Glenda tells the designers that she and Isabel will be judging them on style and technique. Isabel tells them to "know" their fabrics. They should let the fabric do most of the work. James-Paul, listen up. This might be hard for him. Kelly barks that the designers will have only 20 minutes to "blow [them] away" with their draping. Shut up, Kelly.

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