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The designers begin and, immediately, Johnny is interviewing that he doesn't drape. He doesn't "do pretty." Yes you do. What you apparently don't do is work with your hands. Everything he does is sort of girly and pretty, right? I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but last week's design was definitely pretty. Maybe I don't know shit, because James-Paul tells us that he's been draping his entire life. He cut down his mom's curtain to make clothes. [Yeah... remember that later. - Z] I totally took him for a Gone With The Wind fan. You just know when you see one. He says that draping with silk is difficult, because it's like water and slides in your fingers. Daniella says that her first idea was pleating, which doesn't work well with silk. So, she just "let it happen."

Time's up and the designers bring their mannequins to the judges. Glenda says that Reco looks like he was taking a lesson from the "Joan Collins School of Drapery." That's next to the "Linda Gray School of Drunk Sexy Yelling." It's the best in the world. Isabel says that she likes the line in the front of the dress. Glenda says that the wearer would definitely need to use a corset, which sounds like a criticism. They love the drape in the shoulder of Anna's dress. It's very loose and feminine. They also love the back. They HATE Johnny's. It's yellow and Glenda says it's "banana drama" [I love that band! - Z] and "too scary." Isabel says that it looks like a lot of wrapping and very little draping. Glenda points out that there are so many pinholes in his fabric, it looks like he "assassinated the mannequin." Where has this woman been? Love her! They love Daniella's dress. They appreciate that she listened to the fabric and controlled the volume silhouette. James-Paul made a sack dress, an idea that Isabel says she likes. However, she doesn't think he draped enough. She says that, when draping, you have to consider the body part that will be the source of the draping. That's a very interesting idea.

And the winner is... Daniella! Glenda says it's very youthful and modern. Daniella interviews that she feels amazing. Glenda described it with adjectives that Daniella has been trying to exemplify in her work. Kelly says that Daniella will have an incredible advantage in the elimination challenge.

Isaac says that the next challenge is what designers live for -- evening gowns. Tell that to Richie Rich, yo. Kelly says that it will take creativity and sewing skills to make their designs "shine." Then, she and Isaac uncover a table filled with shiny things. There are $30,000 of Swarovski elements on the table. They will need to make whoever wears their gowns feel like a million bucks. I don't believe a thing Isaac Mizrahi says. There's a deadness behind all that hamminess. It's dark and sinister. Anna is freaked out by the crystals, because she has never worked with them. James-Paul finds crystals hard to work with, because they weigh down the fabric. [But they're gemoetric! Shouldn't he love them? - Z] They will have 15 hours to work.

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