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At the fabric store, Kelly has been teleported. "What the hell is Kelly doing at the fabric store?" wonders Reco. She says that they won't be left alone for their biggest challenge yet. Then, Haven walks in! And Angel! And Keith! "This is so emotional," lies Daniella. There's Andrew! So cute. And, finally, there's Merlin, wearing this bellbottomed and midriff-baring get-up. Thank God for the black shirt underneath. "Oh my God," says Daniella with complete honesty. "Hello, bitches," he says. Daniella says that she's freaking out because Merlin looks evil. He looks like he's back for revenge. She's correct. He's utterly frightening.

The designers get to choose an eliminated designer to help them with their evening gown. Daniella gets first pick because she won the mini challenge. She says that she could really use her support, so she's choosing Haven. Haven giggles "First" and trots to Daniella's side. Reco says that Daniella was dumb for picking her, because they're going to be talking the whole time about lipstick and shit. Anna chooses Keith. James-Paul says that Angel is a good friend, but he's choosing Merlin because he knows James-Paul's work process. "Well done, James," replies Merlin with open arms. Reco chooses Andrew. Kelly asks why, and Reco replies that he'll just keep him company. I agree. That leaves Johnny with Angel. He pauses and says, "Um, yeah." Rude. Then, he interviews that Angel's work had been inconsistent [Hey, like Johnny's! - Z] and he feels like they will clash. He would have taken the security guard or the janitor. Unnecessary. She didn't seem like any sort of crazy control freak when she was in the competition. Calm down, Johnny. I think he's just pissed that he didn't get Haven.

Kelly leaves and they start shopping. Each team has $450. With some of the crystals as reference, Daniella starts sketching her gown. She finds a cloudy gray crystal that reminds her of clouds moving before a storm. She mentions that Isaac wants her to use more color, which she'll do -- but not in the gown. Hmm. Johnny is freaking out and Angel is trying to calm him down. He interviews that evening gowns are completely foreign to him. She recommends that he get 6 yards of fabric and he's completely incredulous. Train wreck. Anna fancies this Dorothy Draper sofa print, which makes me weep with happiness. She interviews that she would rather be over-the-top and bad than boring. James-Paul says that he's going to make a simple bustier evening gown in black. Crystals will be sewn onto the top of the neckline. Merlin cheerily interviews that he will do whatever it takes to get James-Paul into the final four. Johnny is still freaking out. Angel asks what she can do to help, but he doesn't really tell her anything. She recommends that he make a floor length gown. He remembers that he loved a leopard print dress by Lanvin that Maggie Gyllenhaal once wore.

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