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Back at the workroom, Reco interviews that his muse is Victoria Beckham. Dear Mr. Jesus, I don't understand. He finds her classy and sophisticated, but with crazy edge. Edge, yes. Other things, no. Anna, who seems a little overconfident right now, tells Keith that she can make a party dress like nobody's business. She's using the same vagina dress detail that she used in the challenge last week, which she acknowledges is a risk. Angel tells Johnny what she is going to do to his gown. The workday is complete.

The next morning, they get back to work. Keith approves of Anna's fabric choice. She has decided to do a one-shouldered dress, with the crystals inside the bow. Johnny is making a mess. Angel tells James-Paul that Johnny doesn't know anything about sewing chiffon, or construction in general. Johnny sees them talking and interviews that he doesn't know if her intentions are to help or sabotage. Dude, you're doing all the sabotaging of yourself that needs to happen to make sure you are securely sabotaged.

The models come in for a fitting. James-Paul interviews that he desperately wants to make the final four. He reminds us that he's all conceptual, but acknowledges that he needs to simplify. I'm not sure the evening gown is where he needs to do that. Daniella is worried about the gray, and Haven doesn't make her feel any better about it. She says it looks like a nun. Daniella wonders if Haven is making her over-think, which is a problem she thinks she has.

The models leave and Kelly and Isaac enter to harass them. They talk to Johnny first. Isaac seems excited to see Angel. "Um, process of elimination," is Johnny's response to Isaac's excitement about their teaming. "That's nice," Isaac replies sarcastically. Johnny slowly says that he would have chosen to work with her anyway, but Isaac rightly says that it's too late. For real. Isaac asks Johnny where the crystals are going to be on his design. On the waist. Er. Isaac asks him if he has ever made an evening gown before and he says that he has not. He mentions that it's a "very interesting choice" to choose chiffon, then line it with taffeta. Sounds pretty damning. When they walk away, Johnny asks Angel if they were supposed to line the dress with silk. "Mm-hmm," she replies. Wow, maybe she is trying to sabotage him? Or, maybe she really didn't know that until just now.

They talk to Reco and cute Andrew next. The dress is purple with one sliver of vertical pink. "Interesting," replies Isaac and I think he might mean that in a good way, though the music is acting like an alien is about to burst out of someone's gut. Reco says that he doesn't want his gown to look like a pageant dress, so he's going to have a burst of crystals at the bust, then six crystal bracelets (that he made) on the model. Isaac sorts the bracelets and walks away. Reco interviews that he saw Isaac turn his nose up at the two bracelets that he put to the side, so he throws those over his shoulder and says they are out of the question. Finally, Isaac is offering some real guidance.

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