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Isaac and Kelly move to Anna and Keith. Kelly is allowed to speak. She asks Anna why she is using the vagina cups again. She replies that she likes the balance that they give to the voluminous shoulder. Then, Kelly asks if the entire dress is going to be floral print. It is. "I look forward to seeing what that looks like on the runway." Well, well, well. You, Miss Anna, are apparently no House of Dereon. Next, we see James-Paul. Isaac eyeballs him and says that the dress looks simple. James-Paul gives his spiel about geometry and bullshit and now it's simple. Isaac says that this is a big week for James-Paul and he should use Merlin's advice regarding construction, because he could use it. Why couldn't he have talked like this earlier in the season instead of being all Harold Pinter "I speak with my pauses?"

Here we have Daniella and Haven. Isaac asks her about the gray, which now has another "brighter" gray overlay. Daniella says that she likes it, because it's unexpected. Isaac's face is pinched. He asks Haven what she thinks. "Gloomy," she says. Isaac doesn't agree per se, but says that gloomy is never good. He wishes her luck like she is about to die then walks away. Daniella mutters that, of course it's gloomy, it's a thunderstorm. Touché. She interviews that she just "graduated from University." We don't do that. It's college. Don't be an ass. Anyhoo, she says that this is a big moment for her. She had always imagined that she would make it to the final four, but now she's not so sure.

We see Andrew asking Reco some questions about his design, but he just brushes him off. Reco interviews that Andrew is a sweet guy, but he doesn't want any help on his final design. Merlin notices that Reco is not using Andrew at all. Reco acknowledges that he chose Andrew because he's cute. Inspiration! Merlin, who is seriously mental, screams in his interview that Andrew is relaxing and ENJOYING THE VIEW. HA! HA! HA! He is so frightening.

Early the next morning, James-Paul gets a phone call at Le Parker Meridien. It's Kelly and, in the most adorable sleepy voice ever, he says, "Hey, Kelly!" She reminds the designers that this is a very big day for them and she tells James-Paul that she wants them to dress to the nines. He delivers Kelly's orders to everyone. Reco interviews that he's from Chattanooga (a place I love! Summer camp!), and he has a lot to prove.

At the workroom, the designers apply their finishing touches. Daniella has returned to her vision of an entirely charcoal gray number. Haven tells her that, if they hadn't tried the extra color, they wouldn't have been convinced of the original concept. She interviews that she wants Daniella to win the challenge. Daniella interviews that she loves Haven, but she needs to follow her own intuition right now. Merlin says that he will be devastated if James-Paul doesn't make it to the final four, because he is a true designer with originality and style.

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