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Isaac enters and takes the helpers away. They all scramble like mad before it's time to dress their models. Backstage at the show, they start getting their girls in hair and make-up. The crowd is arriving! Anna says that she's nervous because her dress is more eccentric than a lot of the other designers. There's Fern on the front row! And Glenda Bailey is the guest judge. Designer Ann Watson is in the audience, as well as designer Christina Minasian. That lady is adorable. Daniella interviews that she is intimidated by the bright colors of Johnny's and Anna's designs. She would be mortified if her color choice what was what cost her a place in the finals. Johnny says that he's original and nobody can do what he can do (copy a Lanvin gown?). The mean guy who drags the models away isn't so mean this time. He wishes the designers good luck.

The show begins with Johnny's dress. It's length is just below the knee. The color is green leopard, which looks very hip. It drapes diagonally from the left hip. It's one-shouldered with a large ruffle along the top. It's pretty. There's a black sash with crystals on it. He says that it's feminine but edgy. Isaac gives it a perplexed look. Glenda says that she's fascinated by it.

James-Paul's gown is next. It's a simple thick-strapped bodice in black, with a floor-length skirt that has a lovely swirl. There's a bronze taffeta peaking from beneath, with bronze crystals at the bodice and a thin stripe of bronze at the waist. I think this is pretty awesome. There's a pocket on the right hip. Here's Anna's dress. I love it. It's floor-length, with a high slit on the left leg. There's a large bow on the one shoulder, with crystals inside of the bow. The back has the cups that she used before, which create a sort of bustle. Fern wasn't crazy about her placement of the crystals.

Here's Reco's gown. It's purple with a stripe of pink on the left side. There's a strapless bust, with a body-hugging ruching from the top of the bust to the bottom of the booty. Then, it's free flowing and translucent. There's some peacock beading at left side of the bust. I think it's kind of tacky, but Kelly says that she would wear this onstage. Reco says that he is fashion and will not lose. Johnny interviews that no woman would want to wear Reco's dress because it would make her look like a rectangle. [Only when standing perfectly still. Besides, is looking like a rectangle worse than looking like a nauseated leopard? - Z] Finally, we have Daniella's gown. Rad. It's a gray column, with a cinched waist. At the neck, crystals of black and blue and gray climb around and end on the other shoulder, creating a really interesting serpentine quality. She says she's petrified. It's the end of the show and all of the models come out one last time. I have to say, this is a pretty strong group of dresses.

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