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Ann Watson says that Anna's was her favorite dress. It made her gasp when she came onstage. Christina Minasian liked Daniella's dress. She loved the way the crystals were incorporated and thought the dress was well constructed. Designer Treana Peake, who was also in the audience, loved Reco's dress. She thought it was perfect for the red carpet, because it had lots of movement.

It's judging time. Johnny is wearing sweats. He didn't get Kelly's memo. Isaac introduces the judges, including Glenda. Kelly announces the looks most loved by the audience. The first is Anna's! Kelly congratulates her for making it to the final four! The next is Daniella's! The other designers look pissed. Isaac says that he liked the way they both used the crystals. Daniella's are visible while Anna's aren't entirely. Kelly tells Anna that an audience member said her dress was elegant, while another said it was perfect for a weekend Hamptons party. Fern compliments her for the cut in the front of the dress. The openness gives space, which makes it balanced and more appealing. Glenda commends her for her bravery in using a print. Isaac says that she has made a real gesture and congratulates her. Kelly says that she has come a long way and should be proud of herself. This isn't about you, Kelly. "Come a long way." She wasn't untalented before she got here. Anna gets teary and her model pats her back. Kelly tells Daniella that 82% of the audience said they would buy her dress. And one audience member said that they could see Kate Winslet wearing the dress. Daniella explains that she went with her gut. The dress is what she intended. Fern says that the neck of a woman is sensuous and the neck of her dress accentuates the neck very nicely. Glenda loves gray. She loves the simplicity of the dress. She adds that simplicity is the root of elegance, which makes Isaac giggle (I'm assuming in agreement). Isaac says that it was a close decision, but Daniella is the winner! She's thrilled that she was "hand-picked" by the editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar. Anna, still teary, says that she has worked hard for a long time and is just glad to be on the trajectory that she is on.

The remaining designers return to the stage. The design of the designer who is safe returns to the stage. It's Reco's!! Johnny shakes his head and whispers, "It's so ugly," which Reco hears. These kids are nasty. He leaves the stage and hugs Anna. James-Paul's and Johnny's designs return to the stage. 80% of the audience said they wouldn't buy James-Paul's gown. Hmm, I was off with that one. I think it's pretty. One audience member said it reminded them of a velvet Elvis painting. Heh. He says that he was going for his 3-D thing that he loves so much. Glenda thinks it looks like Gone With The Wind!! She says it's too much costume drama. Fern says it starts at the top looking like it might be sexy, but there's too much construction at the bottom. Glenda adds that it's dated and looks uncomfortable. She says that velvet is supposed to have grace, but his gown looks tortured. Damn. Isaac asks Glenda what she would do if this dress showed up at her office, and she says she would send it back.

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