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Glenda tells Johnny that his dress is young and modern. He gets really excited. She says that she would love to see it on the red carpet. But... she already has. Daniella and Anna giggle in horror/glee. Isaac asks what influenced him, and he mentions Jennifer Connelly, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Chloe Sevigny. Then, Isaac shows him a picture of the Maggie Gyllenhaal dress that he completely ripped off. It's practically a duplicate. Reco looks at the picture and is clearly shocked at the similarity. He stammers that he feels stupid and should know this and didn't try to knock off the dress, but we see the footage from earlier where he says he liked the Lanvin. The audience also identified the dress as a knockoff. Fern asks him if he really thought that no one would catch on. He says that he's embarrassed and doesn't want to look like a con. Isaac says that he's disappointed in both of them.

The judges deliberate. While they are doing that, Reco tells Johnny that the dresses looked identical. He points out that Johnny bragged about ripping off Dolce Vita. Daniella points out that Johnny was just trying to make it through this challenge and is not really an evening wear designer. Reco persists. Johnny then tries to blame Angel! He said that she should have told him that he was knocking off Lanvin. That's crazy. Now, everyone looks at him like he's an idiot. He says that he feels "deceived." He's a joke. Reco interviews that Johnny is lying, because he heard him joke about knocking off clothes before. Backstage, Isaac says that they need to think of who should be allowed to design an entire collection. Glenda says they committed the two greatest sins of fashion -- an ugly dress and a knockoff. She mentions that you need to have integrity as a designer. Kelly really feels that point. She thinks that Johnny knew what he was doing. Isaac thinks that there is no worse sin than an ugly dress. Fern says that the gold detail on James-Paul's dress made it look Renaissance Faire. They've made a decision.

Onstage, James-Paul and Johnny wait for the verdict. Johnny...they're not buying it! Isaac tells him that the show is about originality, not plagiarism. He hugs everyone and leaves. Kelly congratulates James-Paul. Johnny interviews that this sucks. He insists that he wasn't creating a knockoff. He's done. Kelly tells the designers that they will be going home to work on their final collections. When they return, they will showcase 10 designs for all of America. Then, we will vote! Anna interviews that she's so excited to do her collection. James-Paul says he's going to marvel the world. Daniella thinks she deserves this. Reco says his world is about to change. They all hug each other onstage.

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