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Jeffrey's putting finishing touches on his looks. There are candles on the runway. His first look is a white dress with leggings/pantsuit. He wants to make women look beautiful, he says. All of it is similar to his other stuff, though beautiful. He gets applause for a look with leggings, which is a first for this showing. He's crying backstage. He thinks this competition made him a stronger person. His strapless dress is red and lovely, though rather simple. It's draped like a dream though. A red dress with a high neck follows, which is a cool juxtaposition. His last dress is gorgeous and the dress he would have made for his mother. He can see her in it coming to him to tell him that he did a good job. Oh my God. His family is crying too. I think I am kind of too.

It's judging time. Mary J! Isaac introduces Laura, Glenda, and MJB. He feels that they are all real designers and should get a critique as such. Isaac is always trying to add value to this show. Dominique is first. Her collection was silence and chaos. Mary J wonders which is which. She replies that the draping is silence and prints are chaos. Isaac loved the business attire, but Iman hated it because it was hip-accentuating. Laura thought it was very modern and Isaac thinks she did something real and special.

Jeffrey gives credit to his mother for his inspiration. Glenda loved it. Isaac thinks that it was bold and fearless. Mary J. loved the strapless dress and isaac thought it was the best dress of the show. Isaac didn't like one coat that was over a weird dress. Also, a leather top looked tortured. Laura thinks that his confidence is great. Isaac ultimately felt that his show had a wonderful build and was orgasmic.

Calvin says his collection reflects his change from angry to... better? Less angry? Laura is happy that there was not a lot of adornment and he says he took Isaac's advice. Iman didn't like his pantsuit. Isaac thinks the collection was divine.

It's the final moment. Iman tells Dominique she was ambitious and bold. Jeffrey entered the competition calling himself a unisex designer, but showed that he knows a woman's body. His collection had a journey and a great build. Calvin tried to get attention with tricks but was encouraged to edit. He listened and showed restraint in his final collection.

She says it was a hard decision. This is the Fashion Show. Iman's sorry, but... Dominique's is not the Ultimate Collection. Isaac says she's so great and has a wonderful future. I don't agree with this decision, I don't think. I loved her stuff so much. She's totally happy though. Calvin thanks her for putting up with him. She thanks everyone and walks off. To have babies. With David. FOREVER.

It's Jeffrey and Calvin at the end. Both have surprised and delighted, says Iman. The model for the winner comes out. It is... JEFFREY!!!!!! Great face shots, FYI. They lingered in real time. Loved it. Jeffrey is so stunned. There's confetti everywhere! It's actually frightening the way it explodes. Jeffrey cries and hugs Iman. Calvin says the judges made a decision and the best won. He thinks Jeffrey earned it and is happy for him. Wow. That didn't even seem like it hurt him to say. Jeffrey's family comes out and screams for him. Cindy is crying. Cesar says he's proud to know Jeffrey. All of the other designers are happy for him too (at least the ones we hear from). Jeffrey says this is a life come true. Yay Jeffrey!!!!

Jeff Long is a performer/writer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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