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That's a Whole Lotta Aztecs

Here is James-Paul. Reco runs to hug him and interviews that James-Paul was his roomie during the show and they share a special connection. James-Paul interviews that his work is experimental and sometimes misunderstood. That's probably true that his stuff is misunderstood, but it's a shame to be in a situation where anytime you receive criticism, you just chalk it up to being misunderstood. He shows the others parts of his collection. Reco looks terrified. James-Paul continues his interview, saying that he has tried to simplify his silhouette and make dynamic detailing.

Reco pulls out a red dress with a corset that he tells Daniella took 20 yards of silk organza. He interviews that he has been working in fashion for 10 years. It has been a struggle to stay solvent. He says that he will do whatever it takes to win. That includes talking to Kelly Rowland and Isaac Mizrahi. Here they are! Isaac reminds them that they have been working on their collections for 10 weeks. Kelly says that they will be so proud.

Isaac asks Anna what the inspiration for her collection was. She says that she based her collection on The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch. Isaac knows it and seems intrigued. James-Paul says that he was inspired by the idea of indigenous (Aboriginal) people in Western clothing. "The dingo ate my asymmetrical space dress!" Reco says that he had been researching Aztec Indians, then he met Merlin, who Isaac declares is "the original Aztec." Sure, he's the original ancient Aztec. Where's Bruce Vilanch when you need him? Daniella says that she began researching Medieval and Japanese armor, which gave her the idea of a second skin. She adds that she is very proud of her work, because it's all beautiful.

Not so fast, Daniella. Isaac says that he and the judges will decide if her work is pretty. He says it's the most important fashion show of their lives coming up. They've invited the biggest names in fashion to sit in the front row. He tells them that Glenda Bailey, editor-in-chief of "the preeminent" Harper's Bazaar, will again be sitting on the front row. Kelly reminds them that America will vote for the winner. AND, we, America, will only have a chance to vote on 3 of the collections. One designer will be eliminated after the fashion show. Kelly reminds all of them to breathe. Because, seriously, they look like they stopped breathing. The models are coming in for their fittings, and Isaac tells the designers to pull it together.

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