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Daniella interviews that she would be devastated if she didn't have the chance to be up for the vote. The models enter. James-Paul has bones for hair accessories. The judges are going to love that. Daniella tells us that she likes thin models whose bodies don't interfere with her designs. Me, too! When I write something, I like to print it out and tape it to the bodies of models. And they have to be super thin, otherwise their normal, fat bodies would create curves on the paper or something, and it would be harder to read MY writing on their bodies. I hate it when their bodies interfere with what I'm trying to do that's all about me and not them and their bodies. Reco tells his model to strip. I thought that was what he told his clients AFTER he dressed them. His wedding dress, the statement piece in his collection, is too tight for ALL of the models. One of them is even like, "I'm tiny! Who are you going to get to fit into this dress?" He says that he's going to have to let the dress out, or throw it out. After the fitting, the designers get ready to leave. All but Reco. He has to stay behind and work, which Daniella finds humorous. She reminds him that it's the most important fashion show of his life. Reco interviews that he's worried about losing everything that he has worked so hard to obtain. He works until 3:00 in the morning.

The next day, as he's waking, we see an interview with James-Paul. He tells us that he worked hard to have a strong concept, but he's worried about how the audience (i.e. customers, potential wearers) will judge his clothing. You couldn't have thought of that when you were making the clothes? Anna tells Daniella that she's not worried for the two of them in regards to elimination. Reco tells James-Paul that he's not nervous, but he's tired. As they're leaving their hotels, Anna tries to pull up Daniella's dress and Reco says "Ladies first" as he opens the door for Reco.

With two hours before the fashion show, Daniella is moving around while girls are having their hair and make-up done. She says it's the craziest backstage experience of her life, though it looks pretty standard. The audience is filling up! There's Betsey Johnson! There's Markus from earlier in the season. He looks good. There's Alex from the Real Housewives of New York! But, no Simon. Also, the woman sitting next to her is the spitting image of Jill Zarin, but apparently it's not her? There's Caroline Manzo of the New Jersey Housewives. She scares the shit out of me. Reco finally fits a girl into his wedding dress, but a zipper breaks. He runs around like crazy look for a needle and thread, until a girl reminds him that he has a needle stuck in his shirt. "Oh damn," he replies, which gets a good laugh from the surrounding crowd.

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