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That's a Whole Lotta Aztecs

Kelly Choi, the host of Top Chef Masters, is in the audience. There's Lisa Salzer, president of Lulu Frost. Teresa from the New Jersey Housewives -- I'm so sure they have great fashion sense. Ramona from New York. I'm having issues with Ramona right now, but I might be over them by the time the show comes on again. We see Daniella direct a make-up artist to correct his work on a model. She wanted robotic! Not cat! That's one of the best things I've heard on this entire show. James-Paul is nervous because a dresser put his complicated coat onto a model all wrong. There's Tabatha Coffey of Tabatha's Salon Takeover. And, there's designer R. Scott French. I'm not really caring about a lot of these people. There's designer Ashleigh Verrier. Still don't care. There's designer Stan Herman. I'm sure all of these people work very hard, I'm just saying.

Here comes the mean guy who always steals the models. Daniella is like "shut up" when he gives them their two-minute call. Reco is working on the zipper on his dress until the last moment. Glenda and Fern take their places. Isaac introduces everyone to the show.

Daniella is first. She comes out and introduces her collection. She says that each of her looks is named after a woman in her family -- all strong, independent, edgy, modern women. Then, the show begins. Stuff looks good! It's all Daniella -- super modern with really feminine cuts and trims. She's dancing awkwardly backstage and sort of bumping into poor Anna. The techno song she is playing has lyrics like this, "Lust, lace, leather..." So stupid. Daniella wrote it. And, she laid down those fat beats. She made everything in the collection, including belts and accessories. Reco interviews that Daniella's collection is really good. It's what's popular right now. Daniella tells us that her family came from South Africa, with $76. Her first bedroom was an unfinished bathroom. Isaac says to Kelly that Daniella can make neutral colors dynamic. Wow, there's a floor-length gown in dark blue or black that is one-shouldered, with a nude panel at the bust. The proportions in the skirt are amazing -- flowing but not voluminous. It's pretty sharp. She'd like to be able to help her family the way that they have helped her. After the show, Kelly whoops. Daniella curtsies on the runway.

Reco is up next. He thanks his mom and aunt for driving from Chattanooga to be there! He tells the crowd that they will be going on a journey with a high priestess in the Aztec Empire. Again? My days are running together now -- it's always the same thing. So, we begin. There are lots of triangles and pyramid shapes on his clothing. It all looks pretty good. It's just this side of being too much -- too tight, too ornate, too stripper. Isaac says that he likes the circle skirt of a coat that Reco made. Then, we see a model pull down her skirt as she's leaving the runway. Too short. Isaac notices. Reco interviews that his whole life has changed with this show. When he walks out for his bow, he has to help the girl in his wedding dress. She can't walk. Isaac notices. He has to pick her up and walk offstage. He interviews that he is definitely going to win.

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