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Here's Anna! Her folks are on the front row. The show begins. The first dress looks really heavy. But, the stuff that follows looks really good. There's a shirtdress that's awesome. She interviews that she would rather have people interested in the individual looks rather than make a cohesive collection. Her dream is to have her own store and support herself with her designs. Kelly exclaims that she loves it all! Oh, my God, here's a floor-length dress with bands above the knee and mid-calf that create these bubbles. Then, there are pleats all over them. AND, the color blends from blue to green to yellow. So, it's like this shimmering, living thing. [It's like fi-yah! - Z] It's awesome. Daniella interviews that she loves what Anna is doing. She's making the stuff that ladies want to wear. Anna says that it's rare, as a designer, to get the opportunity (like she has now) to create without limits. Anna's mom looks amazed.

Here's James-Paul! His sister and friends are in the audience. His show begins and, I don't want to sound like a baby, but... I'm kind of moved. It's fascinating. Every piece is asymmetrical and, through his filter of indigenous people wearing Western clothing, kind of looks like it has been deformed in some sort of time-machine accident. You can really feel his love of shapes and surprise. It's incredibly fashion forward. There's a piece that has a pretty bustled pinafore that unwraps to become an asymmetrical coat with a shapeless dress underneath. Fern says that this is the sort of eveningwear that she goes for. Anna says that James-Paul is a designer's designer. His stuff is interesting, but not for the everyday person. James-Paul recalls something that Vivienne Westwood said -- you have your whole life to make pretty clothes, but only once to make an impression. He has certainly made an impression. Betsey Johnson applauds him very enthusiastically!

R. Scott French says that Anna's was the most wearable collection. She tried interesting things but didn't scare anyone. He felt that the audience really responded to her. Haven loved what Daniella did with leather and shoulder pads. Teresa of New Jersey liked Reco, who should consider his audience reached. Betsey Johnson loved James-Paul's collection. She found the draping beautiful, though not uplifting.

Later, the designers stand before the judges. Isaac says that they had two objectives -- create a collection and blow the judges minds. They did both. Kelly reminds them that one of the designers will be eliminated. The designers have a model who is wearing what they consider their signature look come out and stand with them. Isaac tells Anna that many audience members said that they would wear her clothes. He saw that she used techniques that she used earlier in the season, which she acknowledges and adds that she did some experimenting, too. The judges found her collection disjointed, though she tries to say that she used navy in everything. She didn't and they point it out. She says that she wanted to do a lot of different things, which made editing difficult. Girl wants to sell some damn dresses. Glenda says that she's disappointed that she hasn't seen "more" from Anna. Huh? Anna starts crying and says that she wants to make clothes that people love. She apologizes for crying (Daniella starts crying a little, too) and says that she has been working for a long time towards this. Glenda says that Anna has made a lot of desirable clothes -- it's like she has written wonderful chapters, but they lose the storyline. Well, luckily, we only wear one outfit at a time, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Suddenly, the idea of a cohesive collection actually seems kind of dumb to me. [Me, too. - Z]

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