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Isaac tells Daniella that her inspiration of armor seemed arty and remote, but the collection won him over. He loved that every one of her pieces concentrated on the shoulder of the model, which is hot in fashion right now. She replies that she thinks the shoulder of a woman is very sexy. Isaac says that he didn't see any "second skin" on the runway, as Daniella had advertised. He saw a sort of irony about second skins, since all of her models were so thin. He reminds her that he called her a "sizeist" during the season and tells her she needs to watch that. Fern says that the super-skinny thing is very specific, and they want her to be as successful as possible. She says that she will take their advice.

On to Reco. Isaac says that he really loved that Reco worked so hard with shapes. Fern is not. She says that none of his stuff on the runway was as intricate as the stuff he made during the challenges. He says that he did research for the first time, which led to him being unfocused for the first time. Isaac congratulates him for doing research. Fern is not having it. She says she can't think of a single woman who would want to wear his feather dress, which says would make a woman look like she'd just walked out of a carwash. Kelly says that she admires that he wanted to take risks. Glenda wants to talk about the wedding dress. She thinks it was too theatrical -- not beautiful, graceful or elegant. He says that he wanted to do something different and unexpected.

James-Paul explains his odd dress. He says that indigenous people often need duality in their clothing. The judges all somberly compliment him. Fern says that she would wear a lot of the stuff in a hot minute. Kelly liked the dress with all of the belted bits on it. Glenda thought his collection was very focused. Isaac says that he respects that you always see James-Paul in his clothing. He adds that he found the last coat in his collection overpowering. Fern says that coats like that have no hanger appeal. Glenda thinks that he should simplify, as some of his designs need instructions to put on.

The judges deliberate. They loved the show. Isaac says that Anna had a lot of great ideas. Glenda thinks that making clothes for real women is an art, but she wonders how Anna, with all of her experience, could make a collection that wasn't cohesive. Have you ever considered that her lack of cohesion was, in fact, a form of cohesion? It'll blow your mind. Fern thinks that Anna made great pieces that don't hang together, making the argument for a cohesive collection, I guess. Glenda thought that James-Paul was clever, but didn't think about real people. Isaac really liked Reco's black suit and thinks that a lot of people would want it. Glenda thinks that he needs to learn about fabric -- she thinks he should work for another designer. They all found Daniella's collection to be fashionable, though Fern is sick of leather bustiers. Kelly and Glenda loved it, though. Fern thought the collection needed to be a little more feminine. Out of the blue, Glenda says that this is not a popularity contest. This must be in response to how people feel about Daniella now. The designers sit together waiting for the verdict, amazed that they have made it this far.

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