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We see a reel of the winning designs. Isaac asks Fern which design she thinks sold the best on the website. She goes with James-Paul's first week design, because it was so fun and contemporary. She's right. Everyone applauds. It sold out! Isaac thought Johnny's Versace dress would have sold the best. Fern asks if the designers will remain friends and everyone but Merlin says they will. Anna says that working so intensely on the show changed everything for her.

It's time for the judge award. Isaac says they thought they awarded the most sophisticated collection. It goes to Daniella! She thanks them. Anna kisses her on the cheek. Daniella says that the judges' comments mean a lot to her. Glenda says that she was impressed with Daniella's maturity, as well as her willingness to admit that she still has a lot to learn. She wants to introduce Daniella to some designers as mentors. Daniella starts crying at the news. Isaac advises her to try to hold onto her youthful vibe.

It's time for to find out how America voted! Kelly draws this shit out. They're all standing there. In third place, with 19% of the vote, is James-Paul. I was wrong. Now, a commercial break, while Anna and Daniella pee themselves. Isaac reads some comments loving the final collection of the vote. The winning designer won 56% of the vote. Isaac calls out a model, who will be wearing the winning designer's creation. It's Anna's! It's that lovely gown in blues and greens that she made for her final collection. Daniella hugs her and she looks like she's going to cry again. Fern says that this is going to be the last cry for her and she laughs that she's trying to hold back. She tells the Bravo audience that she's completely honored. This is what she needed to get her business rolling and she's completely thrilled. Good on her. Isaac says, "And that, kids, is The Fashion Show. Goodbye, Darlings." It was the fashion show, wasn't it? And, it's over. Thanks for reading, darlings!

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