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The show begins with Merlin's look. There's a lot happening. A gray sweatsuit with a yellow pea coat over it. Next is Reco's pantsuit. Black with white tracing stripes. Underneath the jacket is a shimmering gray top. It's nice. Here's Anna's dress. It's great. It's a red halter-top over this tulip-shaped skirt. Daniella's is next. It's a sleeveless long coat over a transparent shirt with a bikini top underneath. This is matched with a skirt in a bird-inspired print. Here's James-Paul's. The top is too tight. It's in gray and there's a bustle. Johnny sees Erin Fetherston in the audience. He says that he has ripped her off a ton. His outfit is next, and it looks great. One-shouldered silk blouse over a lime green skirt. There's a floral print basket weave overlay on the skirt and it's topped off with a denim belt. Adorable.

After the show, Erin Fetherston says that she liked Reco's outfit the best. Patrick McDonald liked James-Paul's, but thought it had construction problems. Andrew Saffir liked Johnny's, because it was sexy and young.

It's back to the judging dungeon. Isaac introduces the judges, including Vivienne. Isaac congratulates everyone. He thinks they did a great job. Kelly calls out the winning designers. They are Reco and Anna! Isaac says that these looks were a triumph. Kelly tells Anna that an audience member said that no one would look at the date of the woman wearing her dress. Anna says that she was trying to work with a print that made her happy. It makes Vivienne happy, too, and Fern loves the proportion. Vivienne finds Reco's suit romantic and modern. Isaac commends him for making something that's sexy and covered. He says that hanging by a thread was good for Reco. The winner is... Anna! She interviews that she has surpassed all of her expectations.

Now, the other designers return to the stage. The two losers are James-Paul and Merlin. Isaac says that he is disappointed. Kelly tells James-Paul that 92% of the audience said they wouldn't buy his design. Someone said that his design looked like a curtain crossed with droopy diapers. He says that he followed the card (it's the card's fault). He does show that he tried to match the sleeves with the bustle of the skirt, but Fern finds the bustle really unforgiving. Vivienne says that he has great concepts, but he needs to think about the shape of people. Isaac says that he needs to make his vision communicated. Fern says that he has a point of view, and it needs to be encouraged. Vivienne adds that she was the same way when she started, but she had to change for the buyers. Kelly tells Merlin that audience members found his outfit too junior. He says that he's happy with those comments, because he was trying to make something young. The judges point out that there is too much going on, making the design unflattering. He says the fabric wasn't speaking to him, so he had to add stuff. Fern says it looks like a designer didn't design it. Ouch. The judges deliberate. They discuss whether it's worse to be generic (which is what Merlin's overdesign turned into) or impractical. Back onstage, Merlin is being a really bad sport. He says that Johnny's design was a piece of shit. An artist takes chance, he says. He doesn't care about the competition, he cares about showing what he can do.

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