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It's morning at 505... somewhere. 5th Avenue? 6th? I'm not sure. Cindy says that she's sad for her partner Golnessa's elimination, but maybe Cindy isn't good at seeming like she actually feels what she's saying. I don't have any reason to think that she's lying, except that she just doesn't sound sad at all. She says that she wants to make Golnessa proud. That sounded a little more believable. Excuse me, everyone, please make room for my freaking mondo gavel. Intonation Court is in session.

Dominique is still ashamed of her work from the previous challenge. She reckons she would have gone home had her team lost. On the balcony of their apartment, Calvin says she needs to focus. She admits to having a crush on David. Well, thank goodness that mystery is over. Calvin interviews that girls in love are difficult. And in this case, he's worried about his place being jeopardized by Dominique being distracted.

They get the message from the show: they are to take a train to New Jersey. Iman says to not pack anything just yet. Jeffrey says the House of Emerald will need intervention if they lose again.

Iman meets them in a train station, arguably the first train station that Iman has been in during this century. She is very pissed off about it. She is standing beside the same number of suitcases as there are designers. She says that people are in a rush when they travel and often lose things. They are currently in a terminal has one of the most diverse lost and found collections. The challenge is to create weekend getaway looks from lost and found items. They will have to put everything in one of those suitcases. That is gross. First thought? Bedbugs.

Jeffrey says he's used thrift store items in his work for years, so he's feeling pretty good about things. Iman says that they will be presenting their work at a fashion show the next day. Everyone is freaked out. Also, one more thing -- in two of the rolling suitcases, there are fabrics of colors that represent both Nami(blue) and Emerald(green, duh). The designers that find the swatches will switch teams. Calvin is worried, because he says that he gets on with Cindy and Jeffrey like oil and water. [That good, huh? - Zach] Everyone grabs a bag. Jeffrey gets the blue fabric, and he's upset. So is Calvin.

David gets the green swatch, which means that love just can't exist in this world. He's disappointed about leaving Dominique. He's so cute that I feel like he's wearing an actual mask.

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