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David is using evermore props. Cindy found a cute skirt, but it's old and ripping easily. She feels that she can't speak to Cesar. He interviews that he should get paid for babysitting and teaching. Bitchy much?

Dominique tries on Eduardo's leather pants and giggles about how good her butt looks. It looks fantastic. Calvin says he was 18 when he decided to be a designer. He says he went to K-Mart and got a sewing machine. He's working on the extra look. Dominique hates it. He says they have to trust his instinct and taste, because he works faster than them and can actually put work into the second look.

David says same thing about Cesar not listening. Cesar interviews that he's prepared. Jeffrey says Nami is, by far, more creative and I think that's not really true. At the fitting, Cindy says Cesar's work worries her. He interviews that you have to be bold. I think she's just afraid to say what she thinks, so she's giving him all of these "worried" code words.

Dominique is worried. She thinks Calvin's skirt is too long. He interviews that Dominique is a little girl and is always either upset or happy. He doesn't like little girls. How fucking condescending. Jeffrey says Calvin won't compromise. Dominique decides that she wants to dye her trench coat black.

Cindy says she's not sure about the orange in their extra look, but Cesar doesn't listen. She's also scared by David's, though. Calvin comments on the color and gypsy quality of Cesar's look. It's very frenemy. Dominique says Calvin talks a lot of shit and, man, she talks it right back. They accuse each other of making the same looks every week. No one gets cut.

A the end of the workday, Dominique loves her look. They work until 2 a.m. and then go home. David is kind enough to instruct Dominique on some yoga poses. So generous of him to caress her body into the proper position. He interviews that he has feelings for her, which is obvious. I love them.

The next day, they roll their shit down the street. That's so undignified. At the fashion area, Calvin makes fun of Dominique still stitching at this late stage and she only rolls her eyes. David hugs her to cheer her up. Stefan is there. Everyone files into the runway area and we see that miniature designer Chris Benz is the guest judge.

With a rainfall backdrop and a stock ticker, House of Nami's show begins. Dominique's is first and looks really cute. Isaac looks mesmerized. The extra look is next. It's all over the place, but Calvin thinks it moves. It should move out of our lives. Jeffrey's look is next and it's cute, but not really weekendy at all. Eduardo and his leather pants are next and are reliably solid. Calvin's design is a men's shirt. I don't know, it looks pretty good, if not excessively like something Kate Jackson would have worn on Scarecrow and Mrs. King. He thinks he should win. Cindy says Nami is too dark and not weekendy. Thank you for agreeing.

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