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Cindy and Jeffrey are play-fighting now that they're on different teams. This is the little Bravo commercial break fun segment. Cindy uses fondue forks to act like she's stabbing him. They still kiss at the end of the night. Cute.

Here's House of Emerald. David's inspiration is safari. Lots of props. Camera. Everything. Cesar's look is... Jesus. So much happening. A strapless structured top and wide-legged pants. Cindy's is an off-the-shoulder white dress with a belt. The turquoise swimsuit is their extra look. Also, an orange swimsuit. Iman wants to shoot it. The team hugs backstage. Cindy thinks it looks great together, but she's still scared of Cesar's over-the-top look.

Iman and Isaac greet them. He says that the guest judge is designer Chris Benz, who describes himself as the Prince of color. Iman was disappointed in the collection and says it takes a lot to make her wince, but she did with both collections. Their only cohesion was bad taste. Isaac says that Nami looked like it came from a sale rack, and Emerald looked like discount store styling. Iman says they're not ready for the runway. The "non-losing house" is Nami. Iman says one look saved Nami, and it was leaps and bounds above the others as the look of the night. She says the other members of Nami should kiss the feet of the designer. It's Dominique's look! Isaac loves the coat and the umbrella detail on the back of the dress. She gets a choice of $500 at the finale collection or immunity for the next challenge. She chooses immunity, because she wants the freedom to be bold for the next challenge. One more decision, Iman wants to know which designer in their house doesn't deserve to be there. She chooses Calvin with no hesitation whatsoever. Jeffrey agrees, and Calvin is pissed that they would talk about him when their team has already won. Isaac says he's difficult and everyone thinks so.

Which means that he's in the elimination. Dominique's worried about David. Isaac says the only cohesion in Emerald's collection was bad accessories and the danger therein. David says safari chic was his inspiration. He was creating an adventurer. Chris doesn't like the bag his girl is carrying. Chris is using gurgly gay talk, which I think should be avoided. You don't have to be Patti LuPone to use your diaphragm. Isaac says David shows crazy stuff every week. David thinks he's talented and deserves the chance to find himself.

Cesar gets kudos for his look and slammed for the swimsuits. They all thought that he showed no restraint with his color palette. Iman says he needs to reel in his ambition. Isaac likes the length of Cindy's look, but the model was having a hard time walking. Isaac thinks the belt and the bag are too much. In fact, they all hate the bag. Iman asks Cindy whose look was the worst, and she says tearfully that's not her job, but the judges' job. Iman says "well put." Well, I admire her for that. Isaac asks Cindy if she's shown what she has on the show thus far, and she says of course she hasn't. It hurts to always be on the losing team, but she keep climbing.

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