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Cesar says that the most important thing is that all of the gowns have a similar palette. Champagnes and subtle golds are the color story that they choose. Isaac enters and asks them to meet in his office with mood boards. He reminds them that this challenge is about bringing out elegance in these ladies. He likes their palette but tells them to beware of the cheapness of pale gold. Jeffrey presents his design and says that he wants to show Lynne's back instead of her cleavage. Isaac likes it and says that he's copying it, which gets a laugh. Cesar says Ashley has a natural bosom and needs to be held in to enhance her natural hourglass. Isaac says that's been a problem from beginning of time. Hunters and gatherers were like, "What to do with these boobs?"

Isaac consults with House of Nami and tells them that darker colors flatter. Dominique says that Jacqueline is self-conscious. Isaac says to not deny her best asset, even if she wants to. He's talking about her boobs. David presents his idea and Calvin offers suggestions. He says it should be corseted. Dick move, but Isaac loves his ideas. David says that Calvin is a successful guy, but he won't listen to him.

At fabric store, each team has $400 for their collections. Jeffrey says that they were searching until they find a pretty silk jersey in champagne. Sea colors for Nami. Eduardo is worried about the brightness of the greens that David chooses. Calvin says it looks too old.

Cesar says that likes working with real women because it's a real challenge. Talking about his real woman, he says natural breasts are harder to keep in place. Cesar is helping Golnessa because she seems to be having a lot of problems. Cesar interviews that she's stylish but doesn't sew well. Cindy says that Golnessa is her partner and she knows how to do this stuff. She's confused by her inability to shine in this setting. Jeffrey says that he lives in NYC and understands fashion here. He says it's a different finesse here. All true, though the design he's working on doesn't really seem all that NYC to me.

It's 7:30. Eduardo is moving along swimmingly. Dominique says that she is distracted by her feelings for big sexy David. You and me both. Calvin wants to show lots of butt on his design. He thinks his teammates have lost their spirit since losing the last challenge. David says that Dominique is still sad about Rolando going home. He asks her if she's OK and she says that she's fine. He says he's not getting tongue action from her. Brakes. What? Tongue sticking out. Oh. She's leaving the room and considers, you can tell, coming back in and sticking her tongue out, but she decides not to. At the end of the day, Dominique says that her dress looks really bad.

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