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Judging time! First, the House of Emerald has their time. Iman says that they want to hear from clients. Isaac introduces Laura Brown and Susan Fales-Hill. Susan liked the sound of Jeffrey's original neckline. Isaac says he should have convinced Lynne to like it. Ashley loves the corset in her dress. Susan doesn't like the lampshade of a skirt that Cesar made. Isaac thinks it wrecks everything. Iman can see tattered petticoat hanging from the bottom. He says that he made the best thing he could with the time constraints, but Iman thinks he should have rethought the design to fit time constraints. Golnessa says she was going for a goddess effect. Susan loves the top. Isaac thinks she fucked up the waist. Gretchen freaks out when he says she put weight on her, but he meant actual fabric. Lauri loves her dress. Isaac loves it too. Laura loves the layers, though Iman doesn't love the length.

Nami enters. Calvin says that Teresa loves herself and he loves himself too. Isaac thinks the waist is effed up. Teresa seems personally insulted that he's talking about Calvin. Weird. Calvin holds her hand, which is sweet. Dominique says she was going for slimming and Jacqueline says that she loves the quiet look of the dress. Isaac likes it the least. Laura thinks it's meek. Dominique says she let herself down with construction. Caroline tells what was wrong with her dress and Isaac says he wants to hire her. Gingham dog and calico cat, anyone? David says that his team came through for him. The judges say that it was great for showing the woman instead of just the dress. Susan seriously loves Eduardo's dress, but Iman wonders if it's too much like his last dress. He says it's his style but Isaac wants to know if he can do anything else.

The teams come together and... Nami is the winner! Dominique is stunned and starts crying again. Shit. The crying. She says it's a miracle -- the only one that would work, I guess. The best are David and Eduardo. The winner? Eduardo. Dina hugs him. If he makes it to finale he gets an extra $500 on his final collection. Iman thanks the Housewives.

Iman tells Emerald that they have to please the client while staying true to vision, while Isaac says their color palette was muddled and their designs seemed not thought through. Cindy can stay. Step aside. Jeffrey's dress would work poolside, but not in high society. Don't move. Also, that shit would not even work poolside. Golnessa's dress was awkward. Don't move. Cesar's hemline was too short and there was too much dress for model. He can stay. It's down to Jeffrey and Golnessa. And, it's Golnessa who is going home. She is out of fashion. She hugs Jeffrey and cries in interview. Cindy hugs her. Isaac says "Goodbye, darling," which I still think is awfully sweet. Golnessa feels that Cindy is her other half, so, in a way, it's like she's still in the competition.

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