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Kelly returns. Everyone shudders at how far off they were. Laura chooses Johnny, Daniella and Lidia as the people with the best sketches and they bring them forward and place them on easels. Laura points out that Johnny got little else right but the belt. Isaac marvels at the fact that he got it exactly right though. He jokes that it's scary, and Johnny is the idiot savant of belts. Laura compliments Daniella for getting the ruffles right in her sketch, but she didn't make the skirt as full as it is on Kelly. Laura says that Lidia got the spirit of the dress and Isaac feels that she accurately depicted the skirt. The winner is... Daniella. Happy music as she interviews that, when she saw everyone's sketches, she thought she had one of the best. Laura says "Fond Goodbye!" and leaves. Do you think she's going to try to make that a signature? Time will tell.

Kelly explains to Daniella that, as her prize for winning the Mini Challenge, she will be able to place one of her fellow designers in the bottom three at elimination time. "Evil," gasps Isaac. Merlin is already convinced that she's going to choose him, because their personalities clash. We see footage of the first challenge where he was super-bossy to Daniella and told her that he was the man and she needed to listen to him and all that stuff. I still don't see what was so offensive about that. A manly male fashion designer [Like Merlin? - Z] sometimes needs assert himself. Otherwise, femininity might overtake the industry, and that would change everything. "That gonna be me. That gonna be me," repeats Merlin. Kelly tells the designers to meet her and Isaac at New York Model Management. They are all over Bravo, aren't they?

At New York Model Management, Kelly and Isaac greet the designers who file in and stand in their standard tee-ball photo formation. They remind the designers that the agency supplies them with their models. Kelly switches gears and says that every woman has something she loves and something she hates about her body. Isaac says that Donna Karan has made a career from building body-loving clothing and reminds them that this show is about creating real clothes for real women. Then, Kelly says that they are about to meet the real women with whom they will be working. All of the agents stand up! They line up and the camera pans over one girl who is probably a size 12 like she is ENORMOUS. Johnny, who lest we forget is over two-and-some-odd bucks, is worried, because he does NOT work with "real people." James-Paul screams and says that this will be the end of James-Paul. And, yes, he referred to himself in the third person. [Since he has two first names, doesn't that make it the sixth person? - Z]

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