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Back in the workroom, Johnny is working. Reco says to him that his client has the body of a "bad transsexual." With six hours before the show, the clients come in for a fitting. Reco whispers to Haven that Keith's dress is a mess. Keith's client tells him that she would normally wear a shorter hem. Reco interviews that he loves Keith, but he'll just holler at him at the reunion show, because he doesn't think he can pull this off. Angel is worried because her design makes her model look chunky. It's bad. After she leaves, Angel decides that she needs to start over with something.

Our little nugget segment this week is of Daniella doing an impression of Merlin. It's not bad. She acts like she's wearing a cape and she talks about bitches ruling the world. Haven talks about how he calls her nothing but "Barbie."

The next morning, Merlin says that, since this is his funeral day, he's wearing black. He still thinks that Daniella will put him in the bottom. When he's ready, he says, "All right, bitches, it's time to go," to all of the designers. Reco replies that, if he calls him a bitch one more time, he's going to break his legs.

With two hours to work, Angel is making something new. She's trying to channel her days working at Donna Karan. Isaac enters and gives them their 30-minute warning. Keith interviews that he's excited-- he thinks his outfit looks great. Daniella is hopeful that, even if it isn't her client's favorite article of clothing, she acts like she likes her design.

They take their designs backstage. As the clients are being fitted, the audience fills up. There's designer James Coviello. And, Countess Luann DeLesseps!!! This show just got so much more important for me. There's plus-size model Mia Amber-Davis. I would think that it would be Mia-Amber Davis, yes? In any event, I'm guessing this was not her birth name. Stylist Rebecca Weinberg is the guest judge. There's Fern! There's designer Yigal Azrouel, who is kind of beautiful. Keith is having problems -- the bust of his dress is too big. He's doing everything he can to fix it. Merlin is also having issues. His skirt is far too tight. And, Angel's hem is unfinished. James-Paul is worried that she's going to get picked on by the judges. She is working until this nasty usher guy insists that the client come with him.

The show begins with Keith's dress. The skirt is nice, but the bust is a little wonky. It's red with a black waist. Fern says that the dress doesn't accentuate anything or give her a clue. Here's Johnny's dress. He was trying to work with a small bust and large hips. It's a skintight dress with a floral print and side black panels. It looks like a Body Glove dress. Backstage, there is whooping and Johnny wonders if the dress is too short, or "too close to her kitty cat." Fern notes that the client is happy in the dress and Isaac wonders is this is The Real Housewives of Naomi Campbell, which is actually pretty stupid. Anna's model is next. She was working with a short client with large hips and bust. It's a purple dress with a high waistband and a center seam of lighter fabrics. It's pretty effective. It's a little poochy in the front. Here's Daniella's girl! She looks great! It's a navy shirtdress coat sort of thing over a black jersey(?) dress. I can't really tell what's underneath. But the trench-like shirtdress is straight out of the Mizrahi handbook and looks terrific. It cinches at the waist and has a really smart popped up collar. Daniella says that she's given the woman a complete makeover, and I agree.

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