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Now, it's time for Daniella to choose a person to be in the bottom 3. She picks... Angel. Wow. Smart. She's a good designer having an off week. This may be a way to get rid of some competition. She says that Angel's dress was poorly constructed and accentuated the areas about which the client expressed concern. Daniella takes a seat. Now, for the others in the bottom -- Keith and Merlin. James-Paul is lucky.

Kelly tells Angel that people felt her dress had bad seam work and was ill-fitting. Rebecca agrees. Also, they felt that she shouldn't have left pins at the hips. She says she wouldn't have had the hem been finished. Audience members found Keith's design boring and childish. Fern says that he didn't accentuate her body at all. Isaac points out that he had the easiest client, too. Kelly asks the client if she thinks Keith's dress is any better than what you would find at a prom store. She's very diplomatic, but it's clear that she doesn't love it. Kelly tells Merlin that 78% of the audience said they would not buy his look. Rebecca points out that the paneling and shiny fabric that he used gives his client a pooch. The client reacts in horror. Isaac says the mid-knee length of the skirt "couldn't be weirder." He points out that the fichu neckline was created to enhance a bust. Merlin replies that everything comes from his heart. Urgh.

The judges confer. Rebecca felt that Merlin's work was sloppy. Isaac still has problems with the neckline. Kelly felt like there was no "Merlin" in the outfit, though a fichu neckline on a girl with huge tits sounds pretty Merlin to me. They all agree that Merlin is talented. Fern is disappointed with Keith. Rebecca found it uninspired. She also hated Angel's dress. She thought it was poorly made. Isaac adds that Angel's work is usually amusing or artful, while this was awful. Fern says that with an extra 10-minute fitting, Angel could probably have saved that dress.

The judges return. OK, don't send Angel home. Kelly tells Merlin that his design sucked, but his passion was apparent. He's safe. Isaac says that Angel's design accentuated flaws. Keith's design was average. Keith... we're just not buying it. He hugs everyone and leaves. Angel is hanging by a thread. Keith interviews that he thought Angel's dress was the worst and didn't read as a "designer dress." He felt that he gave his client what she wanted. Eh. Isaac tells Angel that she needs to do some soul-searching and simplify and clarify.

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