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Suddenly, everyone notices that Mike is cutting up his dress. Rolando thinks that he's losing his mind, while Cesar describes it as falling apart. Both are correct from my vantage point. He throws it in the trash and walks out of the workroom. David follows him to try to talk him down, but he asks to not be filmed. David interviews that Mike could have asked for help, but instead just freaked out and quit. "What the fuck," asks Rolando. Precisely. Cesar says he's an idiot. Dominique says that she doesn't think Mike understands what an opportunity he's throwing away.

Cesar and the reset of Nami bust into survival mode and start trying to create a look to replace Mike's. Cesar calls him a schmuck. Golnessa is worried that her dress is not dramatic enough and Calvin helps with some adornments which she finds to be a pleasant surprise. Cesar drapes and tries to finish and manages to turn out another look! He accurately describes their effort as a helluva job. That night, Cesar calls Mike a schmuck again and pathetic, which gets a laugh from Rolando.

The next day, Eduardo is nervous. He hasn't finished his look. Cesar feels privileged to work with his team and is all good riddance to Mike. Poor Mike's model is confused. Emerald puts gives Tamara the hard sell about the pleats and she feels ganged up on. Even Calvin agrees and she eventually says that she likes the suggestion and adds a little something to the front of her dress.

Moments before the show, Calvin refuses to put shit on model's heads. Tamara backs him up. He's so vulgar with his disagreements. Golnessa gets angry and he says he'll cut his finger off before helping her again. Jesus. Jeffrey explains to Stefan the problem and he points out that the majority wanted the headdresses, but he doesn't push it.

The crowd has arrived at the show and photographer Douglas Friedman is the guest judge. The House of Emerald's show begins and there's a heat beating on the projection screen at the back of the runway. Cindy's dress is first and her bolero jacket is reversible. Jeffrey's neckline folds down to change the shape and color of the dress, like a ski cap for your boobs. Tamara says that she's not a fan of the pleating that's on her dress now and it looks like nothing more than something that was added at the last moment. Calvin's dress gets applause when the jacket turns into a backpack. Golnessa's scarf turns into a train. Cool. Jeffrey says that he thinks they could win.

This week in David's Cute And Straight Antics, he plays the harmonica in the workroom. Hopefully, this segment will continue, perhaps even after the season is over. Dominique is TOTALLY into him and for many good reasons.

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