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Iman says Jeffrey was fresh and great, but he failed as lead designer. Golnessa made a dress she wouldn't wear, which is their advice that she should start designing for the runway the way she styles herself. Cindy impressed only because she was the first on the runway. Tamara compromised her vision. Calvin may have more talent than the others, but no one can stand to work with him. Something has to change.

House of Nami is called to the stage by Iman. She tells them that they roll with punches, so they are getting another punch. No one is going home. Tamara thanks Mike in an interview, and seriously. Isaac says a change is needed. Calvin is moving to Nami! Poor Eduardo says "No no no oh my God!" All of Emerald smiles with relief.

Also, Nami has a minute to decide who from their team will be switching to Emerald. David's freaked out and seriously how beautiful are his eyes!? Cesar says he will move to their team, which makes Dominique very sad. Isaac tells them to sleep well and that's that! Drama! Cesar says that if Calvin can't make it work with Nami, he'll just be another dramatic Asian queen, which I find to be questionable in it's ok-to-sayness.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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