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It's morning at Le Parker Meridien. Merlin looks like he's wearing a shirt with a racer back, backwards. Oh, Merlin. Andrew, while studying a pair of underwear that are hopefully his own, says that everyone underestimated him because he's an underwear designer. But, they'll see who comes out on top.

At the workroom, Isaac is all hands. He introduces Laura Brown. She's going to present the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge, though he's still talking. He says that the designers are going to have to step out of their comfort zones. Yeah, this show has been real comfy for them so far. It's a "baby step," though. Isaac reveals a table of women's shoes and we hear interviews where everyone says how much they love shoes. Lidia says that she has over 50 pairs. How does her accent get thicker with every show? The shoes were designed by Elizabeth Olsen, and she joins Laura in the room. Her company uses only vegan and non-cruel practices. Laura says that the challenge is to design a shoe that will go with Elizabeth's line. They have 90 minutes to design it, and they can only consult with their team members. The best design from the winning team will be sold on Still haven't heard from anyone who has bought any of these clothes. Johnny complains because there are multiple materials. Reco interviews that he's going to make a short heel, something with fringe, that's in the mainstream but also different. Reco talking about his designs is like that game that you play with fortune cookie fortunes, except instead of adding "in bed" you add "for strippers." Keith is adding flowers and nature stuff to his shoe, because they're for an organic company. That's really literal-minded of him.

Johnny is still whining. He asks Haven if the glue is going to work and she informs him that she doesn't know anything about the glue. She does advise him to glue instead of sew. Ouch. He's going to try to make a wedge shoe, if he can make a single goddamn thing with his hands. Daniella is having problems. They are all working on a plain, white ankle boot, and she decides that she's going to cut hers down to a pump. Her first attempt leaves a broken razor blade in the side of the boot. That is not non-cruel. Merlin adds a bunch of red ribbons to his shoes and Angel slaps her head in an interview and says that their team is definitely going to lose. Haven laughs that this gluing business can't be the way that actual shoes are made. Reco sees that Andrew has fringe on his shoes similar to his own design. "Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, acts like a duck." It's not that different of an idea. You see lots of fringe on short boots all of the time. That said, Andrew should probably start working against that perception, no? Reco shows his shoe to Daniella, who is sitting near Andrew, and casually remarks, "It looks like Andrew's shoe!" Johnny is nervous, because he's the only one who made a wedge. Poor Johnny is losing confidence by the minute, isn't he?

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