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Afterwards, Lidia's team presents first. Elizabeth is critiquing. She doesn't like the dramatic appliqu├ęs added by James-Paul, Angel and Merlin (though she does like his color). She likes that Lidia cut into her shoe and made it architectural. Isaac calls Reco's team "Darlings" and asks them to come forward. He reminds me of Kay Thompson in Funny Face. Elizabeth is grooving on Johnny's wedge. It does look really cute, too. He combined white, gray, and black. She liked the colors that Haven used, as well as her use of the raw patterns in the shoe. Her problem with Reco's shoe is the "Halloween colors" that he employed. Leaving the door wide open for Andrew to run off with the win again! Daniella's team is up. Keith has sprouting plants running along his shoe and Elizabeth likes it, combined with the fake snakeskin of the boot. Apparently that's not too dramatic? She likes Daniella's use of elastic as an ankle strap. She likes what Anna cut away from her shoe. She thinks it looks like a designer shoe. She thinks the fringe on Andrew's shoe "has been done" and Reco raises his eyebrow, but that pertains to him as well. Fringe short boots are everywhere. Reco's team wins! Johnny is the big winner! His shoe is very cute.

Isaac tells the designers that he will present the challenge at one of New York's landmarks, at 5th Avenue and 57th Street. Isn't that where Abercrombie is? Or the Apple Store? Maybe it's Tiffany's. Or, I could just keep on watching. Oh, it's Bergdorf Goodman. They're in the shoe department. Keith admits that he has been there many times, unaccompanied by a woman. Isaac and Kelly greet them. Isaac says that many people have bought a pair of shoes without knowing when they were going to wear them. Kelly raises her hand and says that she's guilty, but Isaac is all "Yeah, you and everyone." The challenge is to create an entire outfit inspired by a pair of shoes. They will get to pick their shoes when Kelly says "go." They have a short time to choose and they have to find a pair with a The Fashion Show plaque beside it. They scramble and, of course, Reco heads straight for some leather mesh YSL boots. He screams for them in his interview. Angel can't find anything. After time is up, Isaac assigns her a pair of Stella McCartney shoes in red, white, and blue. "A nautical moment" is how Isaac describes them. She's shown sitting in silent horror in her interview. You think too much, Angel. It'll be fine. Isaac announces that they will not be working in teams any longer. Reco screams for joy in his interview. Then, Kelly says that it's all about the shoes. Then, Isaac says, "Always." Then, Kelly says, "Always." Then, Isaac... oh my God. He finally says that he wants to be the last one to say, but they kind of end up saying it at the same time, which calms Isaac's ego.

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