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Isaac starts with James-Paul's team. He likes Lidia's work on the shoulder pad. There are no outer stitches. He seems to be satisfied with James-Paul's button work and is particularly pleased that you can't see the impression of the button on the inside of the jacket. On Haven's team, Isaac has serious problems with Haven's zipper repair. It's pretty ghastly. It's all bunched up and ugly. The stitching in Markus's buttons is all mismatched. Sewing 101, as Reco would say. On to Anna's team. Andrew has the best zipper and the cutest hat. Keith's hem isn't finished and what is done is tight and bad. Ouch. Isaac says that they are deliberating between two teams for the win and it's not Haven's team. Reco interviews that, once again, everyone has disappointed him. Isaac says that Haven's zipper was unforgivable and she interviews, "Fine, I don't sew fucking zippers." I think that attitude is pretty unforgivable, too! Seriously, what do these people think a designer is? I could bring some damn paper dolls from the '80s and call myself a designer, too, if it means I don't have to have any actual skill.

The winner, because of the shoulder pads, is James-Paul's team. Merlin interviews, with subtitles, that the other designers are underestimating them, which is a mistake. How does underestimating you matter when you're sewing a button? Like, they didn't sew well because they thought you would suck even worse? I don't think that happened, crazy Merlin. So, Lidia is immune. Now, they have to choose team leaders. Lidia is the new leader of Team Blazer. Merlin says that he's curious to see what she can offer and I think that was almost meant in a nice way. Andrew nominates Daniella, since she won the last challenge. Markus nominates Reco for his team, since it's likely to be a technical challenge. Reco interviews that he is thrilled.

Kelly remarks that Isaac's jacket is lovely and asks him if it is his design. He says it is and smiles at the ground coyly, but it comes off a little demented. Anyhoo, Isaac segues into wishing that his coat had a special function, like an extra panel for warmth or the ability to fold it into it's own tote bag. The teams have to create coats for all seasons and they have to have a special function. Anna says that she doesn't want to make a "Go-Go Gadget Coat." Heh.

With 14 hours remaining, the teams are working on the designs. Keith comes up with the brilliant idea that the coats are for a woman who is traveling. Traveling? AMAZING. Andrew says that he was thinking the same sort of thing and Keith snaps, "Copy-cat" only half-jokingly. Lidia assigns seasons to each designer. They decide that their muse is a jet-setting woman. Again, brilliant. Reco's idea? Aeon Flux. Well, you can't say that's boring, can you? Markus says that, at the end of the day, it has to be beautiful. It also has to be constructed, so why don't you just take a backseat for a moment there, Markus?

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