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At the fabric store, Andrew's idea for a coat with some sort of plastic on the back gets shot down by Daniella. She interviews that he's an underwear designer and has no idea what he's doing. James-Paul is making a winter coat that becomes a sleeping bag when you zip it up. Doesn't sound terribly chic, but it does sound terribly AWESOME. I love James-Paul, the little freak. His teammates don't say anything derogatory, but they seem a little confused by his plan. Haven is going to make a summer coat that has cosmetics stored inside. She interviews that she's from the South and they care about the way they look. Also, she's addicted to hair spray. Markus is making a fall coat, with a jewelry roll in the collar. It's for a woman who... travels!

Back at the workroom, Lidia tells us that she's making a summer raincoat that turns into an umbrella that turns into a hood? We have a bit of a communication barrier, Lidia and me. James-Paul kindly helps her with her design. Reco has to create ALL of the patterns for his team. He interviews that his teammates are delusional if they call themselves designers but cannot perform any tasks. That's something that's becoming clear to me on this show. I think he has a very real point. At the end of the workday, Merlin screams, "Bitches, it is time to goooooo hooome!"

Back at the hotel, Keith says to the other guys that he respects the interest of the challenge, but has never wanted his coat to be anything other than a great coat. Wow, it's like the show is showing its ass. It's pointing out the irrelevance of it's own challenges. Reco is making a ski suit with some sort of pod hood. Looks interesting, though still vaguely stripper-friendly. He loves it. He jokes that it's ridiculous for so much talent to lie in one young mind. Anna is making a bomber jacket. Markus is having trouble with sewing. He reminds us in an interview that his school didn't concentrate on sewing, only on the "creative" aspects of design. Andrew seems to be confused. Daniella offers an idea, but he's not convinced. She interviews that he's frustrating, because it seems like she always has to be in a grumpy mood.

Isaac and Kelly come into the workroom. They ask Andrew about his design. He's making a short spring coat that elongates to mid-thigh when it rains. Kelly mentions that he has played it safe for the first two challenges. Later, Daniella recommends that he make the length more dramatic. She interviews that she doesn't want to keep giving him ideas, but she doesn't want to be on a losing team. James-Paul explains his design and Isaac and Kelly seem freaked out. Fuck the haters, this is a stupid challenge and he's thought of something really cool. Reco explains that his storyline for his team's collection is "a modern-day excursion to Mars." As opposed to the mid-'90s-era excursion to Mars. Isaac asks him if he's consulting on construction, and he replies, "Every 10 minutes." Johnny interviews that Reco is being a bit of a show-off. This competition isn't TOTALLY about sewing. I think it should be. Johnny describes his spring coat that will have shoe storage in the back. "Because can any woman have enough shoe storage?" asks Isaac. "Don't ask ME that!" replies Kelly. So rich, the repartee. Haven describes her coat that holds make-up. It has dramatic curves at the waist and Isaac asks her to describe the shape. "What do you mean?" Not good. Isaac looks at her like she's an idiot. Reco tries to intervene and says that they are going for smooth, feminine lines. Haven interviews that she must have been nervous -- she just didn't know the answer to his question.

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