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Kelly and Isaac talk in the hall. Why? Are they just giving the audience clues about what we should think sucks? Isaac is worried about Andrew. He hates Haven's idea. He doesn't know what woman would want to wear the silhouette and Kelly offers "Victoria Beckham." Also, Isaac sees the practicality of her idea, but doesn't think its high fashion. The IDEA is not high fashion. That's what Keith was saying.

The models come in for a fitting. Merlin explains his design in such a flurry of words-- I can't imagine what the model actually understood. James-Paul tells his model that he wants her to lie down on the runway. She giggles hysterically at the idea. Markus is so behind. Reco says that he has good style but is so deficient technically. He will only help him so much, because this is a competition.

Bravo has started doing this 30-second segment thing in the middle of commercial breaks. They're fun. We see Markus and Johnny, back at the hotel. Markus freaks out over a tiny spill on the counter. He's apparently a huge neat freak. Johnny says that Markus is crazy. Wow.

It's the day of the fashion show. Backstage, Reco whispers to Johnny that Markus's coat is "messy." Johnny says that Keith thinks that his own coat is the worst. Keith interviews that he hopes this isn't the challenge that sends him home. Reco has lost his mind. He sees people still working on their pieces and says that they're making the competition too easy for him and should give him the check now. He interviews that this is a cakewalk. Daniella says that his attitude is bullshit.

People start filing into the audience. There's Bobbi Thomas, fashion expert. And there's Dana Duneier, the owner and designer of Duneier NY. Haven is having serious problems backstage. There's Fern taking her place in the front row next to designer Norma Kamali, who is the guest judge. The zipper on Angel's design broke just as they were being called to the stage! She keeps her cool, but this could mean disaster.

Daniella's team begins the show and their theme is "hidden surprises." First up is Keith, whose girl removes the bottom of a coat to create a tube top and a blanket that she can lie on. Not bad, but the fit is kind of gross. Next up is Andrew's coat and it's really great and dramatic...and totally Daniella's idea. She's completely disgusted that he's taking credit, but it's executed really beautifully. Here's Anna's fall coat. Mittens and a scarf are sewn into it. I love it!! It's so beautiful. I love the look of the scarf and mittens, too. Norma says that it looks as if it's made well. Here's Daniella's coat. There are ruffles on the sleeves that hide places to store iPods and phones and such. She interviews that she would have done the ruffles differently with more time, because she thinks they currently resemble a Chinese rooftop. I thought this group was pretty good.

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