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Later, it's time for judging. Isaac describes Norma Kamali as the woman who created "the original sleeping bag coat." Hmm, I didn't know that. James-Paul looks a little insulted. Isaac tells everyone that they did a good job. He does recommend that they use better fabrics. Norma adds that it's difficult to make a cheap fabric look good. Isaac asks James-Paul if he realized he was paying an homage to Norma and he says he didn't. She says she thought the shape was very clever. Lidia's team is safe. The audience chose Daniella's team as the winners. Haven says, "Sorry, Reco." They sit, while the winning designer is chosen. Anna's and Andrew's models return to the stage. Daniella is beside herself. They love the fabric that Anna chose, though they don't think that a glove compartment is much of a surprise. She agrees, but we heard her say that she thought the challenge was jacked anyway. She found a way to do what she wanted! Good for her. They start talking to Andrew about his design and Daniella keeps smirking. Finally, Isaac asks her what's up (though he was probably prompted by the crew, right?) and she says that she designed the coat. Andrew says that he struggled, but the design was his. Norma then lays this shit out for Daniella. She says that, as a creative director, she and Isaac have both given ideas that they didn't get credit for. That's the deal. If something's your idea, "that's your secret." Daniella says, "I wish I hadn't said anything," and, though I don't want to be friends with her, I actually feel like we're seeing a learning moment here. So, the winner. Is. ANDREW! Wow. Eat it, Daniella. Please write to me, anyone who has bought one of these pieces on I need to hear about it. Don't make me buy a woman's raincoat.

Now, it's loser time. Reco's team returns to the stage. Isaac points out that they're losing for the second time. He says that Reco's design was the judge's favorite, but they can't give the award to someone on the losing team. I like that little rule. Keeps things sassy. Norma says she loved Reco's design. She thought the bold graphic was very effective. Fern liked that the model still looked slim while in a ski suit. The losing looks are Markus's and Haven's. Saw this coming. Kelly tells Haven that someone in the audience called her coat "a hairdresser's smock with Mickey Mouse ears." I love the audience. Haven says that she just thought it would be a funny idea, because she's always doing her hair. Fern says that she has to remember the platform (fashion runway) and the amount of time she has to relay a joke. Norma adds that she needs to have a standard for herself that is higher than anyone's expectation of her. She agrees and says that she's not sure that she should be there, since everyone is sewing circles around her. Isaac says that the sewing isn't that bad, but rather the sensitivity to shape. He recalls that Nicolas Ghesquiere created a similar silhouette a few years ago for Balenciaga that was very successful. Fern tells her that she needs to have confidence, because designers are the most insecure people in the world. "Thanks a lot, Fern!" screams Isaac. It's the constant judging that makes them insecure, but they have to be confident. That's kind of contradictory, Fern. Anyway, Haven says she's not confident and that's okay. No it's not, replies Fern. She says she's working on it, and Kelly gives her a funny look like she was being snippy or something, but I don't think she was.

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