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Markus's coat is a mess. He says that sewing is his weak point, but he felt like he got better during this challenge. Norma says that, as a fashion designer, your ego is attached to your work. He should be devastated that something so horrible came out with his ego attached. Wait, Norma is wearing sunglasses. I hate that. If I were Markus, I'd say, "Well, Norma, with you and Isaac in the audience, there wasn't enough room on the runway for my ego, so I had to remove it from my design."

The judges deliberate. They reiterate that Haven isn't the worst sewer. Fern deduces that she's on the offensive because she's afraid of getting kicked off. Which is a defense mechanism. My girl Fern loves some contradictions. I love what she's wearing, by the by. Pretty, pretty accessories. They really hate Markus's sewing, though. Isaac disagrees that he got any better from last week. They also rehash the concept that your ego is attached to the project and Markus doesn't seem to care that deeply. Isaac says it should be personal. He likes the jewelry collar idea, but Norma thinks that you need the burning desire for perfection in order to be successful. They've decided.

Back onstage, Kelly addresses Haven and Markus. They hold hands in solidarity. Isaac says they worry that Markus is a dreamer and not a designer. He seems burned by that. Isaac says that Haven needs more confidence. Markus... we're just not buying it! Haven tells him that she'd buy it. I'm actually surprised to see him go. Haven is hanging by a thread. Markus interviews that he thought other people should have gone home before him. He didn't like the dreamer comment. He says that he will have technical people to execute his dreams. Heh. In the end, he says that he's glad that he didn't have to take anyone's design. Everything comes from him. Is that a slam on Andrew? Whatever. See ya.

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