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Get Your Mack On

Cut to the boys watching Bree's interrogation at the Candy Store. Bree says, "I want it as part of my deal. If you ever get him, tell me so I can bake a cake." Then Bree takes a deep drag of her cigarette and blows the smoke at the camera. Did she just say she would bake a cake? And then smoke dramatically? That was fucking awesome. If this show had a little more of that and a little less attempts at actual plots, it would be a lot better. Deaq laughs at how much Bree hates Van, and points out that it's ironic because Van actually helped her. Van is all sad about it, like, what is wrong with him that he needs everyone to like him? Who in the hell cares if Bree hates him? Deaq assures Van that he did a good job, and then asks if they can rewind and watch it again.

Billie's boss says that Bree is one of the most cooperative witnesses they've ever had. Billie says that having zero options will do that. The boss asks to talk to the boys about the cop incident. Billie says that's fine, except that he can't. The boss asks if they're facing off. Billie says she'll handle it herself. The boss guesses that if he keeps pushing, Billie will resign. Billie hopes it won't come to that. The boss says that while this incident was minor, they both know that something more serious is likely, and that he may not be able to protect Billie. Billie says she may not need him to do that. The boss walks out, but not before glaring at the boys as they walk in.

Billie tells the boys that they took out two cops and lied about it, so if they lie about anything again, they're fired. Didn't she just fire them last week and then immediately rehire them? I can see why they might not take her threats seriously. Like at the recent gathering of recappers, we were trying to figure out who's been fired the most. I think Sars won, but only because she fired herself, and then I pointed out that she couldn't, because Wing had already fired her, and then Sars fired me. But you get my point. Billie walks out as the boys look chagrined.

Oh, and just to cap off my final recap, the boys finally take their shirts off in order to box one another. Ooh, and they're sweaty too. Mmm, shirtless Facinelli and shirtless Bellamy. The show ends with them simultaneously punching each other out. Didn't that happen in the pilot? I guess I've come full circle. Thanks to all of the people who read the recaps -- both of you mean the world to me.

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