Get Your Mack On

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Get Your Mack On

Van and Deaq enter Bree's deserted house, guns drawn. Deaq finds a note instructing the maid to give the dog to Bree's friend Jamie. Van starts searching the place. Deaq doesn't think Van will find anything, because Bree is just a hooker who got scared by her pimp and ran. Van picks up the "2000 Internet Guide" issue of Smart Money, like, did the set dresser raid the Goodwill or something? What a weird thing to have featured so prominently, especially since it doesn't really come up again. Maybe they were trying to make it out like, "She's not just a whore! She's a whore who's interested in computers and investing!" But the 2000 issue? Why? I know I'm overthinking this. Van pulls out an envelope of photos. They all feature Bree and some dude hugging each other in a swimming pool. Van reminds Deaq that Tommy mentioned a guy named Giddings on the tape, and that Mal Giddings is the guy in the photos with Bree. Deaq doesn't know who that is, and Van says that he's a federal prosecutor. Deaq is interested, but Van doesn't want to share, since Deaq was ripping on him earlier.

Outside, Deaq explains that he and Van just have a difference of philosophy. Van thinks their job as cops is to help people. Deaq thinks their job as a cop is to bust people, and that while he sees a lot of things he doesn't like, he can't save everyone. Deaq thinks someday Van will have to make a choice between saving the good one and catching the bad one.

Deaq and Van get in the car. Deaq claims that if they ever really got into a fight, he would definitely win. As they start to pull out of the alley, they have to stop because another car is approaching. And the driver of that approaching car? Is Tommy. I don't see what the big deal is here. Tommy knows that Van and Deaq are friends of Bree's. Couldn't they just claim to be looking for her because they're worried? They stare at each other for, like, ten minutes, and then Deaq throws it into reverse. See, that's like admitting guilt right there. They should have roughed Tommy up and acted like he must know where Bree went. Dumb.

Candy Store. Van yells at Deaq that they got made. And this happened how, again, exactly? Tommy knew they were friends with Bree. Tommy saw them at Bree's house, and now Bree is gone. Yeah, I can totally see how Tommy knew they were cops. Whatever. Van says that, by now, Nathan has discovered the cameras and must know that they are cops. And Nathan would know that Van and Deaq are behind the cameras how exactly? I mean, sure, he would suspect them, but I fail to see how he would know for sure it was they and not one of his many other enemies.

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