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Get Your Mack On

Meanwhile, Van -- wearing an electric blue suit and a black leather fedora -- pulls up to where Giddings is teeing off. Van, while not the whitest guy in the world (because that would be Stuffy Desk Guy), looks and sounds ridiculous. He tells Giddings to take a time-out. Giddings asks who Van is. Van holds up the photo of Bree and Giddings. At the same time, Deaq is still raising a ruckus at the front desk, and holds up a video camera so that he can get the whole thing on tape. Giddings wants to call Security, but Van explains that Security is otherwise occupied. Van says that Bree belongs to him, and that he needs to find her. Giddings says he has no idea what Van's talking about. Van holds up a phone and says he has Giddings's wife and boss on speed dial, and if Giddings doesn't give up Bree's location, Van will call them both. Deaq finally leaves the lobby with these words: "If y'all see Elijah, tell him I got his wine." Van returns to the car, where Deaq sits waiting. Van says that Bree is in Koreatown.

Van explains that Bree is hiding out in an opium den in Koreatown. When did this turn into a Sherlock Holmes mystery? Van says that Bree is waiting there until she gets the money to leave the country, and the place is run by a former working girl named Lena. We see the aforementioned opium den, where a waitress (if that's what they're called in opium dens; it's been a while since I've been to one) carries a hookah into a room and sets it down. Lena (played by Michelle Forbes, looking like five miles of rough road) tells Bree that she should've known she couldn't get away with leading a double life. Bree protests that she never did anything to hurt Nathan. Lena suggests that Bree tell Nathan that she fell in love with a federal prosecutor. Bree says that Giddings is sending her money so she can leave the country. Lena says that's fine, but Bree can't stay there. Bree guesses that Lena wants a cut of Giddings's money. Lena is mollified and leaves.

Candy Store. Billie talks to her boss. After a little small talk, the boss says he needs to talk to Billie about her guys, and holds up a tape. Billie watches the tape of Deaq and Van nearly being arrested and sarcastically says that she's proud. The boss says that Billie's unit is theoretically the best, because it has cops that look, talk, and spend like crooks. Billie asks, "But?" The boss asks how the boys see themselves: "Are they cops that look like criminals, or cops that act like criminals?" Billie blinks, probably thinking, "Where in the hell did this subplot come from?" Or I might be projecting.

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