Girls Own Juice

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Girls Own Juice

Van and Jade arrive at a cliff. Van asks if she's playing hard to get, and Jade says that she had to make sure they weren't being followed. She unzips her pants and pulls out the bag of diamonds. Then there's the obligatory sexual tension between Van and the hot lady criminal. Van says that he heard Jade killed a guy. What a buzz kill. Jade says she killed two guys. Van asks why. Jade says, "One tried to play me, [and the other] tried to kiss me." So Van kisses her. Can't he find a woman to date who is not currently under investigation? Van discovers the knife in Jade's pants and she removes it. Van hands her two stacks of cash, and promises the rest when he gets the rest of the diamonds. He offers her $230,000 total. Jade says that it's half what the jewels are worth, and Van points out that buyers are hard to find. Jade agrees to the terms, and they agree to meet the next day at noon. She goes in for another kiss, but Van resists. But then he kisses her anyway.

Elena talks to the cops. Of course. She tells them that one day she had a handful of diamonds, and the next day, the two cops walked into her life. Malachi pulls out a cigarette. Tony says that she's a smart girl, and she'll do the right thing. Gina says that they're asking her to sell out her two best and oldest friends. Malachi says that her son needs his mom, and that Elena will get a second chance. Tony hands her a card and tells her to call when the deal is going down; Elena doesn't even need to be there. Elena says that her friends won't do the deal without her, and that she hasn't even agreed to do it yet. She snatches the card and gets out of the car. Malachi lights a cigarette and assures Tony that Elena will co-operate.

Candy Store. Van walks in. Deaqon is pissed that Van was gone for so long without calling. Also, Deaqon is jealous that Van was "hitting it with Jade." Van says that he was just driving around to clear his head. Deaqon says that he's Van's partner, and that he's supposed to know if Van is okay. Van apologizes, and says that he really "hates this sometime." Deaqon asks whether Van is going to give him the "I feel sorry for the girl" speech. Deaqon points out that the criminals make choices, and that if they make the wrong ones, it's the cops' job to take care of it. Van says that he knows what the job is, because the job is to lie. Van hates that he's good at it, and has to lie to Jade's face. Van adds that he knows they are guilty and deserve time, but he feels guilty too sometimes. Because he's the sensitive cop. Deaqon wishes he could say something to make Van feel better and then take Van in his arms and make sweet love to him. Okay, I might have added that last part myself. Van and Deaqon hug. Billie walks up and sees them embracing and asks if they are gay. Because Van asked earlier if she was a lesbian, remember? Van and Deaqon break apart and do manly things like adjust their packages and spit, I guess.

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