Girls Own Juice

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Girls Own Juice

Billie tiptoes into the house, stepping over Tony and spotting Tatiana dead against the wall. She pulls out a phone, but then she hears Tony take a gasp, and begins CPR. Elena still can't get the van to start. You'd think someone like Jade, who works for a mechanic, would be able to help out there. Elena gets pissed and says that Tatiana's dead and Tony's dead and she wishes she were dead. Jade realizes that Elena knows Tony's name, which means that Elena knows Tony. Elena is so busted. She tells Jade that the cops threatened to take her son away. Then they're all, "Stay gold, Ponyboy" and talking about how they've been friends forever. Jade pulls Elena out of the van and forces her to her knees on the ground, then holds a gun to her head. Apparently, they are in a warehouse of some sort. Van and Deaqon finally arrive, like, where in the hell have they been? Van tells Jade not to do it. Jade isn't having it. Will she shoot Elena? Wait until after the commercial to find out.

Outside the warehouse, Malachi has assembled a SWAT team. Is there going to be a SWAT team every week? Because I'm totally down with that. Van tells Jade again not to shoot Elena. Jade still isn't convinced. The SWAT team is all, "Swarm, swarm!" Some dude with a bullhorn tells them all to put down their weapons and come out now. Van and Deaqon tell Jade that they have no chance at getting out alive unless she uses Elena as a hostage. Jade agrees with this. First, she wants the money from Van. He throws her the bag of money and she throws him the bag of diamonds. As Jade forces Elena toward the door, Elena elbows Jade in the stomach and takes off. Malachi tells the other cops not to shoot, because she's his informant. Elena makes it out safely. Jade takes Deaqon hostage, although I'm not sure why. Van pulls a gun on her and suggests that they all give themselves up. Jade says that they are going to ride the bike out as fast as possible. Van says that he'll shoot Jade if she tries to take Deaqon. Jade says that everyone she loves is dead, and that if she gets caught, she'll go to Death Row. In other words, she's got nothing left to lose. Van shoots Deaqon in the ass, and now Van and Jade are in a standoff. Jade decides that her best bet is to make a run for it and essentially commit suicide. Van tells her, "Nothing's worth dying over." Jade doesn't fall for that lame line, so he tries, "I care." Jade actually says, "I just wish it was enough." She runs out of the warehouse and gets blown away. Elena cries.

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