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Gone Native

Billie explains that she contacted ATF to get info on the Russians, and that ATF told her that Dallas (formerly known as "Shady Guy") was already on the job. Dallas is apparently an "undercover superstar." He always works alone and always makes the case. Van says that Dallas enjoyed blowing their cover, and Deaq doesn't care for whom the guy works. Billie reveals that Dallas cut off contact with his handlers two months ago. ATF is worried, since the whole case is in Dallas's hands. So Billie suggested that Deaq and Van tail Dallas and figure out if he's dirty. If he is, ATF will pull him out, and if he isn't, Van and Deaq will partner with him and split the bust. Van tells Billie to write this down and save it, because when it comes true, he'll look like a genius: "I don't care how good Dallas is. I don't want my life or Deaq's in his hands." That's not really a prediction, is it? It would have made more sense if he'd said, "Dallas will get us killed" or "Dallas will put us in major danger because he's crazy."

Dallas and the Russians walk out of some club. Dimitri talks to someone on a cell phone and promises to get some money that he's owed by a gentleman named Wisdom Bailey; then he throws the phone in frustration. Deaq and Van watch from across the street. Deaq bets that Dimitri is on drugs. Van takes the bet. Dimitri tells Dallas that Nikolai will be there soon, and that they need to get the money from Bailey; then he takes a big snort of coke. Deaq demands payment from Van. Dallas tells Dimitri that they're in public and can't do that sort of thing, and then urges Dimitri to go back inside and relax while he gets the money from Bailey. Dimitri thinks that the club is crap and that there's no one in there. Katiya claims that she saw Stephen Dorff in there. Dude, I think I saw Stephen Dorff the other day. It's not like he's busy. But I guess that's the point. Dimitri goes back inside, and Dallas murmurs some thanks to Katiya for helping out with her brother.

Deaq and Van sit in a car and watch Dallas sit in a car watching Bailey's house. Van is bored. Deaq just found out that they are watching Wisdom Bailey's house by talking to someone on the phone. Van backstories that Bailey just got out of jail, and has now returned to running his own record label. Then there's the most useless split screen ever, where one side is Deaq and the other side is Van, even though they are sitting next to each other in the car and the director could have just continued on with the simple two-shot. On a show like 24, it makes sense to use split screens so that you can see what is happening in two different plotlines at the same time, since the show is in real time. In a show like this, it's just bullshit posturing. The giant gates in front of Bailey's house open and a security guard walks out. Dallas approaches the gate and yells that Dimitri just wants what he's owed. Like eight more armed security guys wander out, but Dallas keeps yelling insults, trying to get Bailey to come out. His best line is when he asks Bailey, "So what kind of dressing did you take on your salad in [prison]. I bet it was a nice creamy Italian." Van and Deaq talk about how they're not going to help Dallas out, all the while getting out their guns and preparing to help Dallas out. Finally, Bailey walks out. Dallas asks if he wants a war with the Russians. Bailey decks Dallas, and then spits on him. Deaqon thinks that Bailey deserved it. Van says that he feels bad for Dallas, because he's clearly committed to staying in character. Deaq thinks that a guy with style could have gotten the money without resorting to insults. Deaq asks what they are doing next, and Van sighs and says that Dallas went through their stuff, so...

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