Gone Native

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Gone Native

Cut to Van opening a car trunk and taking out a bunch of cash. Deaqon says that they'll buy every weapon they saw in the desert. Dallas says that the cash in his hands is ten times his annual expense account. Van says they're the Russians' new best customers, as long as Dallas gets them back in good with the Russians. Dallas asks if that's it. Van says that they're having a party on Saturday, and that Dallas should bring the Russians. Deaqon adds that he doesn't like or trust Dallas. Van says that they would love to pull the plug on him. Dallas chuckles over the idea that he might care whether they like him.

At the Saturday night party, lots of people dance and drink. Van, Deaqon, Dallas, and the Russians do shots at a round table. Katiya pours a shot down her shirt for no apparent reason. Van and Deaqon earn Dimitri's respect by playing "Name that Movie Quote." Dimitri offers up a toast to Van and Deaqon. Dallas drunkenly says that it would be great if Van and Deaqon weren't cops. He pulls a gun and trains it on them. Okay, that I actually did not see that one coming.

When we return from the break, everyone is frozen in place. Deaqon offers up that no cop would have access to a house like the one they're in. Van goes for the angry-young-man routine, reminding Dimitri that they've been very generous and patient, and don't deserve this kind of treatment. After a few more tense moments, Dallas cracks up and says that he's kidding, and that he was just acting. Van laughs nervously. He and Deaqon pull out guns and start jokingly yelling that they're cops and everyone is under arrest. Dimitri is still confused. Katiya laughs.

Upstairs or in a hall or in another room somewhere, Deaqon slams Dallas into the wall and asks what in the hell that was about. Dallas reminds the boys that they threatened to pull him off the investigation, and says he just wanted to remind them that he also has a gun pointed at them all of the time. Dallas also thinks it was funny. Deaqon says that Dallas needs help. Dallas says the point is that he doesn't. Van reminds him that he's got partners now whether he wants them or not. Dallas says that all partners are either bad partners or dead partners. Deaqon asks about Katiya. Van asks if Dallas is playing her. Dallas says that Katiya is scared of Dimitri, and that she needs Dallas. He claims that their relationship is real, and that he wants to marry her. Van congratulates him. Deaqon wants to know what penitentiary will host the reception. Dallas starts cracking up again and claims that he was joking again, and that he has no interest in Katiya. Van disgustedly orders Dallas to go. Dallas laughs at how gullible they are. Facinelli is wearing a really tight long-sleeved polo shirt, and he has the collar up. It's not a good look for him.

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